Which gender is more critical of women's bodies?

Which gender do you think is more critical of girls bodies? For girls it can be of other girls or your own body. To me it seems that guys are more forgiving of all the little imperfections that women have. I know I am much more harsh on my body then my husband. Even though I am 33 and have had a baby I still expect my body to look like a 23 year olds where as my husband has no expectations like that he says he loves the changes I have had.


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  • I would also have to say women. SO many women come on this site with bad attitudes towards their bodies even though most of them end up being quite pretty to us guys. I've been saying for a long time that female beauty if more about ratios and proportions than about weight, skin color, small imperfections, hair color, so on.

    As heterosexual women who are not attracted to other girls you don't have firsthand knowledge of what makes a girl sexy and the media and advertising are experts at stepping in and filling in that void. Manipulating people's insecurities is a quick and easy way to their wallet.

    Women have to rely on rationalizations and other peoples opinions to judge their beauty whereas a man doesn't go through a mental checklist. It's an unconscious process where he will just know if you're sexy or not to him and not be able to explain why. And this process is millions of years old and was around long before makeup, plastic surgery or gyms. It isn't concerned with tiny details. It's concerned with the big picture. As long as you have the general shape and likeness of a beautiful woman, then that's what you are. Women seem to be far more detail oriented and we may not even notice those little things she hates about her body so very, very much.

    • Alas, all the wasted money on the wasted products! I know my husband doesn't care if my earrings match my shoes, but it has been noticed by other women.

      So very accurate.

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  • I would most definitely say that women are more critical of women's bodies than men are. For example:

    Girl, thinking: "Are my boobs too big? Are my boobs too small? Are my boobs too saggy? Are my areolas too big? Are my areolas too small? Are my areolas too dark? Are my areolas too light? My boobs are so ugly, there's no way he could like them!"

    Guy, thinking: "isdonglfanielsngfsdklafnslafenailgdnBOOBIESfielsnfielsngdslfnielfefs"

    The majority of guys aren't nearly as picky as girls seem to think. I hear about lots of my friends who go on diets, and I'm just thinking "You have GOT to be joking." Unfortunately, by the time that girls start dating, they've spent enough time around other girls to have ingrained the thought that men only like the airbrushed model look. Guys like girls with self-esteem, so ladies, quit ruining it for each other!


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  • Women use other women to evaluate themselves. I don't think we can help the comparisons, it's almost automatic. So for me, women are more critical of other women and themselves.

    My husband will point out women that he finds attractive and very few of them are perfect. I can't help but focus on what I perceive to be my own flaws - while he admires the whole package.

    For me, women look good for other women more than for men. I think we all want to be the object of envy because that's the easiest way to boost your self esteem.

    I actually have to consciously NOT do that, because it make me feel shallow or less valued. It is a daily exercise to find things I love about myself without comparing myself to others.

  • I think us girls are way more critical of our own bodies than the guys. A lot of us nitpick our flaws and try to strive for the "perfect bodies" that we see on tv and in magazines. I notice I get carried away to with it at times. Like I never really wanted to wear a bikini before because I'm self-conscious about not being thin enough and not having big enough breasts. It's silly, really. Guys just seem to appreciate a healthy body for the most part, and when it comes to the women they love, there is always something about their body that they love, and it could very well be the thing that you didn't like. My boyfriend adores my stomach and my breasts, even though I wish that my lower stomach was a bit flatter and my breasts fuller. He thinks I'm flawless, though.

  • Women are the harshest critics, hands down. :1

  • women definitely. studies show that women primarily dres for other women, not men.

  • i think guys are. I've never had a girl criticize my body but I have had a guy do it. well I don't know I could just be talking about assholes I've known

    u know what nvm I think girls are more critical because I've seen guys call a girl pretty and I'm looking at this chick like I could see a million things wrong with her..or if a guy compliments me then I think he's saying it as a joke and he's lying because I can tell you a million things wrong with me soo you know what its probably girls