Is she attracted to me? or just being real friendly?

I met this girl last year through our parents, immediately after the initial acquaintance we started talking like everyday, I could feel the chemistry between us and the attraction but I wasn't too sure. I don't see this girl often because we both go to different schools in different states, but when she does come home she's always wanting to make plans with me. Every time we hangout she's always smiling and we hold eye contact for a long time and she'll laugh at stupid jokes or things I say (some signs of attraction). However, she's still dating this guy she dated since senior year of high school (3 years), it's her first boyfriend ever. but she never mentions about him to me nor talks about it. Recently, I had to undergo surgery and she was flying back home on the same day of surgery, she kept calling my mom to see if I was still in the hospital, she got me this little puppy dog and made her boyfriend drive her to see me. Now this week she's coming home from vacation and she wants to hit the mall and go mini-golfing with me. She also gets mad when I send her plain and short text responses. Now I'm not sure if she's really attracted to me? Or just being really really friendly? I have no idea what her intent is or if she knows what she's looking for. To be honest I'm attracted to her, like because of the chemistry we have.


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  • She's attracted to you.