What do you think about these clothes?

I saw this link and I loved it. I think I will go for something like this as I am updating my wardrobe. But I am curious about what you girls think about them and if this style is attractive?


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  • it's very preppy and probably not something you can wear everyday...but I like it


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  • i don't like the pants.. they're too short and look really goofy and geeky... but I like everything else :) very stylish!

  • its kinda blahhh there's too much brown and dark blues and purples

  • the highwater pants were a NAY

    its too formal and stuffy. good on the runway ...maybe some guys could pull it off...but not on a guy I would be attracted to

    if I saw a guy dressed like this I'd assume he was gay


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  • i know I'm not a guy but I had to answer this... who are you trying to impress here? if you like these clothes then you can wear them right? screw what everybody else thinks. there's always gonna be people who like them and there's always going to be people who don't like them but if they're your clothes surely the only thing that matters is that you like them? don't listen to what everybody else thinks, listen to yourself.

    • I mainly dress up for girls. But I also want to look represantable when applying for jobs and so on.

      I don't care much about clothes myself so what I think about them is actually pretty irrelevant.

    • If you want to look representable for a job then wear something smartt like a shirt and long black trousers. if you want to dress up for girls dress up casually.