Should I get a shape up or just get my hair done?

My hair has gotta a lot longer it went from 2inches to Almost 4 n half inches. My hair looks like a mess so i thought about getting my dead ends cut but when ever i do they cut off almost all my hair. Am really into natural hairstyles since am black by the way


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  • Get a afro-fade! Those usually look good

    • 3h

      My brother has tjat so thats a no

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    • 2h

      Lol natural= black hairstyles duhh.. You known arfos, dreed's twist etc

    • 2h

      Lol im black too but in the south we only say Natural when girls choose that natural nappy lookin afro. But i just called the other stuff dreads and crap, i ain't know that was considered "natural" lol

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