How do you come to terms with being ugly?

That and not being attracted to pepole that look as un good as you so having to come to terms with spending your life single?


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  • Just accept what your face looks like and that you can't change it. I wasn't always comfortable with the way that I look, but I know that that's how I look and I can't change that. Not without cosmetic surgery and I don't want to do that.

    • I considerd hair surgery and bro tox before but there not exactly cheap and there are risks.

    • Yeah! And have you seen men who get botox and women! They look like shit. Being displeased with yourself leads people to do crazy thing, and in the end, they look like monsters. Stick with working on accepting your looks. If it's the serious and that deep, take counseling. You could also work on your body. Lose weight, gain weight. Get a different hair style. Dye your hair. If you have a receding hairline you can get some products for that, or wear hats, beanies, caps. You could also change up your wardrobe. There are many ways you can look better without going under the knife. Even if you were to go under the knife, if you don't work on how you feel about yourself, you'll never be pleased.


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  • Bottom line, being average or semi attractive comes with it's own caveats.

    As a moderately attractive female... I can tell you that I've gone through phases where I wished I wasn't... because then I'd know that someone was with me for the right reasons.

    I've dated guys who were more into other types of 'pretty'. And more importantly... I kept attracting men who wanted me to be a cookie cutter ideal girlfriend... and when I wasn't... I've been categorized a bitch by every guy I had to friendzone just because it was offensive that when he liked me I didn't have the decency to like him back... even though they clearly had a preference as well.

    You just have to learn that you're good enough, no matter how you look. Put your energy into the people and things you truly care about... because at the end of the day... no matter who you end up dating... if you're not both being yourselves it's not gonna go very well.

    Finding someone truly attractive goes a hell of a lot deeper than what's on the surface.

  • Do whatever you can to improve your looks. Dress with style, take good care of yourself. I think that plastic surgery is a bad idea unless you have some kind of actual deformity. Some people aren't ugly, just awkward and they come out of it.

  • Someone for everyone.


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