Girls, what's it like to wear a skirt? Any advice on how to make it look good on me?

I just joined the cheerleading squad at my school. I realize it is illegal for the school to force a boy cheerleader to wear a girl's uniform, but my school is small. I live in the Midwest. All the cheerleaders are girls except for me and since the company that makes the cheerleading uniforms for my school only sell them in bulk, my school can't buy a single boy's uniform for me.
In addition, my mom is best friends with our cheerleading coach and after the 2 of them met with the principal, they thought it best that I wear a girl's uniform. They said if more boys join, and when it comes time to order another set of uniforms, they can order boy's ones.
Having said that, I agreed to the compromise. On Friday, before I left, our cheer coach handed out our uniforms. I had a chance to look it over. It looks like it's a girl's sleeveless top and a little pleated mini skirt. What's it going to be like to wear that? Do any of you girls out there have advice on how I can get it to look good on me?


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  • Good for you. You sound like a very brave and daring young man. I wish you the best. Your mom or the other girls on the squad should be able to help you out, with making it look good and how to wear it properly, assuming it fits you properly. I will keep my fingers crossed for you and hope it goes well. Remember, not everyone is as open minded and you just may face some ridicule with your decision, but it sounds as though you've made up your mind.

    • Thank you. The other people who posted on here weren't very helpful. Since I posted this 3 days ago, I have tried the skirt. It fits nicely. The other girls on the squad are going to help me. Some of the stuff is self-explanatory like shaving my legs. I am 13 so I don't have a lot of hair on them to begin with. But my mom says she's going to teach me ways to move with my skirt on with more "feminine" mannerisms. I'll wear my hair in a ponytail and stuff as well, so I blend in more with the girls.
      You are right. I'm already dealing with ridicule and the people in class that are picking on me haven't even seen me in my uniform yet. It will take some getting used to but I have thick skin and I can overcome it. Thanks for the kind words.

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    • Cool. It is fun. My school is small but we still do a lot of fun things like pyramids and stuff. It is a sport, despite what people say. You need to be coordinated. Well, even being a boy, all the girls on the squad are totally supportive of me. The boys in my class may pick on me but the girls rule! They're so nice! So not only do I get help from my mom, they help me too. This may sound silly, but a few of them have even complimented me on how I look in my skirt 😊 Anyway thanks for your advice

    • Anytime, and I wish you the best of luck and hope you're the best cheerleader on the squad.

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  • Um get sweatpants of the same color or some shit.


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  • I wouldn't recommend wearing the skirt but you can ask your mom to turn it into shorts as in YouTube videos or get the closest shorts you can buy to wear

    • I already tried that. We're keeping it as a skirt! It's ok though. I know I posted the question several hours ago, but a little while after I posted it, I did try it on. Since I'm 13, I don't have much hair on my legs anyway, but I'm shaving off the little bit that I have. I guess when I looked at it in the mirror, it looked ok on me. Thanks for the advice. I'll just keep it as a skirt.

  • Your story is not true, you just made it up because you have some kind of fetish that you want everybody to hear about.

    • My story is true. It's ok to believe what you want though. I don't lie

  • ıt won't look good on a guy as it is for girl


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  • someones got a skirt fetish, lol