Tattoos? piercings ?

OK so I'm getting a tattoo well many to be honest. there is one I'm getting to go with the curve of my back. and two on my ankles. and some different ones. well what I want to know is what guys and girls think of them. do you like them on girls. or do you think there just wrong.

and I'm getting four piercings two on either sides of my belly button. ((hope you know what I mean.)) what's your opinion on things like that?

by boyfriend says he doesn't very much like the whole tattoo piercing kind of thing. but I say that its fine. if the tattoo has a meaning to it right? and I'm not just going to get a simple tattoo if your going to get one get it big and detailed. so what is ur take on girls that have tattoo's and piercings? is it a turn on? a turn off? or do you genuinely don't give a flying f***.

girls and guys please I would like to know all opinions.


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  • I like beautiful huge tattoos on girls, not small sissy ones. Having no tattoo is better than a tramp stamp in my view. Here are some examples; Stupid: link Beautiful: link Silly: link Hot: link

    Large tattoos are for women, small tatts are for little girls.

    • Well the tattoo I'm going to be getting is going to be along my back. its detailed and amazing and it does have a meaning to it ,as do the ones I'm getting on my ankles. and I agree with what you picked as stupid and beautiful silly and hot. I don't like tramp stamps. my sister has one and I'm mad at her for getting something like that. I do love that second tattoo and the fourth one. there are amazingly beautiful


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  • I agree with Gregs, it really depends on where the tattoo is and what it looks like. Tramp stamps are terrible in my opinion, as are small tattoos that carry no meaning other than, "Hey, I have a tattoo!" An ex of mine got a tattoo (not colored at all) of a star on her ankle and it really was a turn off as she got it simply because her friend was getting a tattoo that day as well. I'm helping a girl I really like sketch out a beach scene that she wants to get tattooed because she loves the beach and the feeling she gets while she's there and it will be fully colored. These are just two easy examples off the top of my head of the difference between a good tattoo and a bad, I'm sure you know people who have tattoos you think are stupid or ugly and ones you think look nice.


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  • I personally love tattoos and peircings. I only have one facial peircing ( a monroe) but so far I have 3 tattoos and plan on getting some more for sure. I like the tats to be colorful and detailed. So yes, I think it is pretty/hot for girls to get tattoos. You should check out the Suicide Girls btw. :)