Ladies, how do you prefer superhero females to be depicted (as far as fashion) in comics or movies?

What improvements would you make to their costumes to keep it feminine but still a little sexy?

Some costumes in the past have looked like this:
Ladies, how do you prefer superhero females to be depicted (as far as fashion) in comics or movies?

The basis for this question is that I am trying to design an outfit for a female superhero I am creating so I want to know so that I can keep her sexy yet still respectful to women.


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  • I like this version of rogue better:

    I think form fitting spandex (lol) or tight leathers (or tripolymer!) can still be good and tasteful as long as her proportions are normal ish. Personally Id like something like her coat or I don't know, a long scarf or something to give her at least the illusion of something covering. But that's just me. It could accentuate certain assets without needing her to bare skin and stuff.

    • I love the fact that you referenced my favorite comic book cartoon.

      Do you feel that women shouldn't show any skin or just not the sexual/sensual areas?

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    • Yeah, that's a cool look!

      And yeah, I'm not the most knowledgeable in comics or anything like this, I just like to think about it sometimes.

      That's a good sort of, launching pad, when designing characters I think. Skin can be effective in some cases, glistening spandex in others. Age too! Don't forget about age when you're designing costumes.

      I think, if you haven't already, maybe ask @ladyterror (I think that's her handle)
      I see her post loads of comic related stuff all the time and she's got a pretty good handle on it, she definitely seems like she'd be able to help a lot more and have much more constructive advice.


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  • I think it's disgusting that they have to look like extreme porn stars or something. Women should be portrayed as beautiful and strong. They don't need to be slutty to do that. I don't want my daughter or son thinking that's what women should be.

    • For example cat woman is almost entirely covered but she's super sexy and realistic size wise.

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    • I understand that "daisy dukes" shorts are really pushing it but what do you think about some leg being shown?

    • Legs are fine.

  • I feel like their outfits need to suited to their personalities and powers and the type of combat that they do. For example, I could see Harley Quinn in something eccentric and maybe revealing because that fits her personality and fighting style. But some heroines need to be covered up for the sake of protective armor, they all don't have to be wearing really small leather shorts and barely a top.

    • I like the point about the powers/personality. But what would you say for characters like these:

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    • I knew what you meant anyway.

      I guess part of me wants to be able to make it stylish yet practical. I don't want to pack her in armor to protect her and then start to look masculine. So I want to talk to ladies to find that happy medium.

    • Well you don't really see male super heroes running around in nothing but speedos, if they can make it stylish and practical for the hero's, they can do the same for the heroines.

  • I don't like the way these costumes look. I guess they should look less sexual and have bright colors.

    • How can they look feminine yet sexy?

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    • What does "beauty" mean to you?
      What do "feminine clothes" look like?

    • I don't know how to explain. I just know what is, once I see it.
      Clothes that you see women wearing in their daily lives. Or Clothes that make them look elegant and classy.

  • Some sex appeal is cool to show she's still a women, some skin is okay or something covered but form fitting is cool too

    • Could you say where that line might be?

      I posted a few other pictures of more acceptable ladies in some replies. What do you think of those ones?

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    • What about a romper?

    • Same difference it's just shorter

  • Okay so I think that form fitting is alright, and SOME skin is okay too. Like don't show 90 percent of her boobs and butt. And personally, I like superhero females to have their legs showing and maybe their stomach. Oh and shoulders are okay too. Basically Mahe them look sexy, but not like strippers halfway through their routine.

  • Not to Bare All... Children out There.
    Thanks for the Kind Invite, hun. xx