Why would a guy do this?

Stare, I don't mind guy's looking but never have I seen one do this..

OK so I went on a date with him, and from the time he came and got me till the date was done, every now and then he would look at me I could see him with the corner of my eye. He would do it for a few sec and then turn his head and watch the movie again, he did this off and on that night..


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  • Well, If he's the shy type, or the nice guy type, he may be looking kiss you or put his arm around you, and he's just reluctant or scared to do it. Normally when a shy guy looks at a girl and then looks away he wants to say a/or do something, but he doesn't know how to go about it.

    If it was a romantic movie, he may be just bored out of his mind. If it was a scary movie, he might have been looking to see how you reacted to the scary parts.

    If you were looking out of this world hot, then maybe we was just distracted by you.

    but lastly, maybe he's a creeper :O. Haha, I was just joking lol.

    • Lol.. its was 2012 we saw.. not scary or romantic, boring really.


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  • link

    I know this is a long vid, but if you watch it all the way through and pay special attention to 3:40 it might help explain why guys do it. :-)

  • sounds like he's really into you and somewhat in awe of your beauty.


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