Is size 6-10 fat?

I'm 5'7" and wear a size 6-10, depending on how the clothes are cut. I also have big boobs and some hips. Would I be considered fat based on my clothing size?


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  • This is usually how I judge it if I'm talking to a chick I've never seen before.

    If her breast are bigger than her but she is usually a big chick.

    Now that I'm older, I can see how that theory would fail.

    It was always accurate when I was younger.

    Now they have this ?BPM? to let you know where you stand.

    I don't think that is fat.

    Fat is a word meant to deal with a "sloppy" out of shape person.

    You can be a little out of shape at your size and wear that, but I would not call it Fat.

    Only you know if you are fat.

    If you are asking this question, I would tell you to go ahead and lose weight to ease your state of mind. Do it for you.


    A Loving Black Man

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      "Fat is a word meant to deal with a "sloppy" out of shape person."


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      BPM - Beats Per Minute

      I take it biology wasn't your chosen social subject at school? =P

      You're thinking of BMI =]

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      I was actually pretty awesome at ALL science, which is why I am now a Engineer. ;-)

      I was immature...

      thats all.

      I can't wait till I have a son, so I can tell him all the foolish thoughts I had.

      I never had a father, so I was loss a lot of times when it came to females.

      I always have treated females with respect, thanks to my mother.


      A Loving Black Man