Is size 6-10 fat?

I'm 5'7" and wear a size 6-10, depending on how the clothes are cut. I also have big boobs and some hips. Would I be considered fat based on my clothing size?


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  • This is usually how I judge it if I'm talking to a chick I've never seen before.

    If her breast are bigger than her but she is usually a big chick.

    Now that I'm older, I can see how that theory would fail.

    It was always accurate when I was younger.

    Now they have this ?BPM? to let you know where you stand.

    I don't think that is fat.

    Fat is a word meant to deal with a "sloppy" out of shape person.

    You can be a little out of shape at your size and wear that, but I would not call it Fat.

    Only you know if you are fat.

    If you are asking this question, I would tell you to go ahead and lose weight to ease your state of mind. Do it for you.


    A Loving Black Man

    • "Fat is a word meant to deal with a "sloppy" out of shape person."


    • BPM - Beats Per Minute

      I take it biology wasn't your chosen social subject at school? =P

      You're thinking of BMI =]

    • I was actually pretty awesome at ALL science, which is why I am now a Engineer. ;-)

      I was immature...

      thats all.

      I can't wait till I have a son, so I can tell him all the foolish thoughts I had.

      I never had a father, so I was loss a lot of times when it came to females.

      I always have treated females with respect, thanks to my mother.


      A Loving Black Man

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  • You've really gotta stay away from the numbers. I don't know why women are so concerned with associating their looks directly with their weight or clothes sizes.

    Here's why: I used to weigh 195 of fat but after working for about 3 years, I weight 185.

    Given those numbers, you wouldn't think I made that much progress.

    I have a friend who used to be 165 5'6, she's now a 140 but looks great.

    Instead of using those measurements to gauge your beauty, just look in the mirror and if you don't like it, hit the gym.

  • Idk girls sizes that well but I can tell you that the girls that I've dated ranged from 0-4 or something like that, so if the biggest size is 12 then I would say yes your prob over weight but if the biggest size is like 30 then I would say no, but then again it just depends on what you think, its your body, so if you want to lose weight go for it if your comparable in the size you in then I would say stick with it.

  • No, there is a reason there was a saying, not more than 10 years ago "The Perfect Size 6"! Size 6 was considered perfect. 0-4 is like a little girl or a very small woman, under 5'2" more than likely, or someone way too thin. I think the ideal size for a woman is anywhere from 8 to 12. Size 14's can still be very pretty and sexy. I actually prefer women about size 10 to size 12, thin through the waist but widen out at the hips, that's the true look of womanhood I think. Although women smaller, size 7 and below who are athletic types that maybe play basketball, run track, etc.., those women are still pretty too, just in a different way. But any woman under a size 15 isn't fat, unless they are under 5 foot tall. Size 15 may be slightly chubby but it isn't fat, or nothing that should disgust any normal guy. I'm saying size 13 to around size 8 is that very very sexy range, curvy, I mean if proportions are good. Size 16 and up is probably getting overweight. But whoever it was that said that females close run up to size 12, that's wrong. I know he said he didn't know women's sizes that well, but size 12 is quite common. Size 10 is probably my own personal favorite. I'm married for the last 11 years, I've saw my wife go from a size 6 to a size 16, back to a size 12, she's the most gorgeous sexy woman I know. Don't worry about weight or size if you're under a size 10 then you are well within healthy limits, and maybe have a couple of sizes to play with before you even need to start thinking dieting or anything like that.


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  • That in NO WAy be considered fat , more like healthy . I wear a size 5/6 , but depending on the jean I can fit a size 7 a bit better. I Have wide hips and a big butt and those things bother me none the less. When I was younger I was hung up on my body , but that's just it I was HUNG up on my body. People only start seeing and feeling what you bring to their attention. There are girls that are tall that wear a size 6 I'm only 5'1 and I wear a size 6 , some people don't get it. I realize that its not meant for them 2 get it we can't all be that size 2. To be honest with you I like being curvy I can't imagine wanting to be that size 2. Live life stop stressing over size.

  • Nope. that's not fat. Its healthy. I am 5'7 too -- I wear 4-5 sometimes - 6. It really depends on the type of jeans you wear.

    But seriously tho -- stay away from the comparison of numbers, Just wear what you look good in. And again, no 6-10 is NOT fat.

  • NO WAY! Most girls would kill to have a body like your's! I'm a size 12 and have big boobs, and the guys love it! As long as you look and are healthy it's fine! So no, to be honest, people would find you more thin than anything else :)

  • no way! You're fine the way you are. Size 6 is a sample size and size 9 is considered average. You should also take into account that some clothes are just made smaller than others, so no worries :)

    • Size 14 is actually about average, that's nationally, size 15 or 16 is average in America.

  • If that's considered fat, then I guess I am fat. I don't look my weight at all, though. I weigh 186 and I wear a size 10, and my goal weight is 150, so I'm hoping to be in a 6-8 by then. But yeah, I definitely don't think 6-10 is fat. I always thought 10-12 was considered the average size.

  • No I don't think that is fat. It sounds like you probably have a hot figure and some curves, but not at all fat. I mean, with your height you could be upto a size 12 and not really be fat (depending on your build) but be "thick" instead. It depends on your proportions, everyone is different. I have a friend your height who is a size 12 and she litterally is hot, but I used to be a size 8 at that size and I looked tubby lol

  • Hell No! honey I'm a size 15 (of course I'm african american though) I have big butt and boobs,(think Beyonce not Queen Latifah).and I love bein that size, I've actually had boys say that the reason they loved my body is because I'm not skinny just curvy. Based on your description it seems like you're curvy, curvy women tend to fill out certain clothing beautifully and turn a lot of heads so embrace your figure don't doubt it

    • You are the absolute perfect size, same size as my wife. Usually, not to stereotype, black women have the genetics for the best body, black men do too for that matter, but that's a different subject, lol. My wife has similar measurements to you it sounds like, that's why I asked her out years ago. Size 9 and under is absolutely thin to me, under size 6 is skinny.

  • It's all in the way you carry yourself. :) Some cuts of clothes are just more flattering on some girls than others whether they're a size 10 or a size 0.

  • no your just considered curvy!

    and I think I have the same problem I wear 6 and I'm 5'5' and I have HUGE boobs like really huge, and don't make it bother you, sometimes men go after curvy ;)