Why do girls think good looking men are gay?

i hear some women say that guys who are cute and have toned bodies are gay

whats the reason behind that?


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  • Because that's what the media says! Duh! :D

    Because people make the assumption that gay men only walk around with a lisp and great fashion sense with great hygiene.

    There are all sorts of people in general, all sorts of crazy people, gay and straight. o.o

    • +1 Who you calling crazy young lady o.O =P

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    • Nah. :D But you were on my friendlist (I think) On my ex-account.

      ...I think. I can't remember. >_> I may have just said that thinking you were someone else. o.o

    • It's ok, sometimes I think I'm someone else too=P


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  • It's kind of like, "maybe he's too good to be true"? A lot of straight men don't groom themselves very well so we're used to it.

  • because straight guys now a days are sloppy, they don't have to look good to attract women because girls are so easy now. :P gay guys are the only ones that care because guys like girls (or in their case other guys) to look clean cut and hot. not ALL guys though, but yes, quite a few of them

  • its not being good looking that makes a guy appear gay. I love a rugged handsom man

    but if a guy looks too manicured, like he really tries to be the stereotypical good looking guy, is consumed with his appearance and is really into fashion, he can exhibit feminine traits and seem gay

  • Well...gay men tend to dress nicer and take care of themselves and their appearance. Plus a lot of gay guys are HOT.


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  • I think it has to do with the stereotype that gay men are meticulous about their appearance in every fashion imaginable. Little do some people know that there are many fat, hairy, homely, unkempt gay men out there with dirty fingernails and messy clothes.