Need help with body language?

I've never been on a date before and I am 27. I have always been a heavy person, and therefore never had any confidence in myself. In the past 5 months I've dropped 60 pounds and I feel and look great now. Now, it's like my libido is back with a vengeance. But, I'm still pretty shy mainly because I do not have any experience at all. Girls are now actually smiling and talking to me all the time now. 2 weeks ago I was asked out by a 40yr old co-worker who wasn't really my type, but I was flattered nevertheless. On Friday I worked a late shift with a new very cute 21 year old employee. We knew each other before through a mutual friend but never really talked before. But she was talking to me a lot now, always in a very shy manner. She kept giving me compliments on my hair and clothes. Then she said was should get some dinner together, and I couldn't say no. During dinner I felt like I should ask her out, but here is where my inexperience kicked in. I couldn't tell if it was too soon being that I've only really talked to her for a few hours. I really couldn't tell if she was just being nice, or did she really like me? This girl is way too pretty for me..why would she like me? I couldn't pick up on her body language. But I'm pretty sure she likes me, which really freaks me out and excites me at the same time. I did not ask her out then... but I got her number. Now, I so unsure and am in uncharted territory. I need another girl's advise please.


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  • I'm not a girl; so, I apologize. That dinner technically was a "date." You got her number so that means she is interested. The clothes and hair compliments are signs. The phone thing is awkward so when you see her at work, ask her if you want to hang out and go see a movie. Remember, she likes you; so, don't act macho or do stupid sh*t. Be yourself because that's what she's attracted to. Also, don't act like you don't deserve her. You are the guy who will make her happy. so, go get her! Good Luck!

  • Wait a few days then call her up and schedule a date for when you both have work off. You've made it a long way, don't slow down now!