Colored my hair a darker shade of brown, after a long time still haven`t gotten my natural color back?

I had light brown hair that kinda had a golden glow to them, I grew out my hair for about 4 years so I could donate it. When I got it cut real short I had them die it light chocolate brown, it wasn`t a permanent one they promised me, it turned out almost black though :/ (it was a mix, so it should have gotten out of my hair after a couple months or so they told me). It`s been over 7 months now and it`s still really dark allover, I tried to lessen it with natural methods (cinnamon hair masks and sleep like that), which have helped but still...
I`m almost disappointed cause my natural hair color was really nice, I just got it colored like that since they assured me it wasn`t permanent and I wanted to see what it looked like. Is this normal? Any other tricks to get my hair lighter again without damaging them too much?


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  • Hair coloring only affects the hair that hasn't grown out yet at the time. This is where the phrase "dark at the roots" comes from. People with dark hair who bleach it get dark at the roots as the hair grows out. In your case, it could just be that your hair color is changing as you age. My hair was bleach blond when I was 18-22, then turned light brown on it's own, which is it's current color and has been for over 20 years.

  • Maybe an interim solution could be to ask your hair stylist to apply exactly your natural color... so that while it than grows out you can shift back to your natural color without this weird dark brown shade to it.
    To be honest I wouldn't try tricks to change the color other than known solutions. You don't want to definitively screw up those beautiful hairs :o


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  • do you not have roots showing?

    • well it is slightly lighter on top, however I don`t understand how come the color is still as dark as it is. They told me in a couple months its all gone, however it`s been over 7 months...

    • I've never had a hair dye that was just left after a few months.