If you work in a clothing store, do you have to wear clothes from that store to work?

I've been applying to jobs at places like American Eagle, PacSun, etc. I've noticed that the people who work there wear clothes from that store. If I were to get a job at any of these places, would I have to buy a whole new wardrobe from that store? I'm worried that might be the case, since I can't afford to do that. So please, if you work at any clothing store, tell me what the uniform policy is, and what store you work at. Thanks.


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  • It depends on the place. I know at American Apparel you have to wear all American Apparel clothes to work, and they have other restrictions on what you can wear, and other stores like Abercrombie are like that too.

    I think at most stores you do, or at least clothes similar to what is in the stores.


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  • I wouldn't think so... maybe go shopping and see what there wearing...

  • abercrombie has a very strict policy on what you're supposed to wear. you not only have to wear their stuff, but what is at that point new. they give you discounts, but not much.