How can I make it look like I have curves?

My boyfriend likes curvy girls much better than skinny girls, and while I may not be the skinniest person ever, I lean more towards skinny than curvy. I really lack in the curves department I think, and I was wondering what kind of clothes are best to make it look like I have curves?


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  • i totaly understand what you mean. I'm the same way. But, I'm curvy-less in all dimensions. No breasts and no butt too. What I do is wear a push up bra. I have discovered the true magic of a push-up. It not only lifts your breasts, but in doing so it gives the illusion that your torso is longer and it reveals the natural curve of your wasit line.

    As in clothing, you could wear form-fitting shirts. Especially tops that have an empire waist line or fabric that pulls together around the waist. Or you could wear tighter shirts and looser bottoms. There are many ways, you just haveto try different styles of clothes on and see which one gives you the desired effect

    hope this helped :)


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  • Put on whatever you want, underneath you're still you. Wear whatever you want, when the clothes come off, it's still just you.

    Perception is just that, and nothing else.

  • ur cute so y care

    • Well, thank you for the compliment, I appreciate it very much, but I care because I don't want to feel like my boyfriend would prefer some other girl's body over mine.

    • I can understand that, well I think you should look for jeans that hug you butt to make it look a bit bigger or rounder or whatever, I'm a guy so I don't know which womens jeans do that lol

  • Honestly your cute as you are, and with the ears its to much xD


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