Am I unattractive?

I'm 5'5 and I weigh 120 I have had to kids 11 months apart and I do have stretch marks. my husband said he likes me the way I am but I feel real fat an ugly because of my weight and stretch marks and my husband always looks at other girls. is he unattractive to me?


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  • At 5'5" and 120lbs you are NOT fat. I've "known" so many moms I've lost count and they all have one thing in common besides 'sleeping' with me. They all have stretch marks. I've seen a mom whose entire abdomen was one massive stretch mark yet I still because she was slim with big boobs. I've seen moms with minimal stretch marks who were also slim. My point is all moms get stretch marks from childbirth. It's nothing for you to lose your self confidence over and become depressed from it. It's awful rude of your husband to allow you to catch him looking at other girls but you're the one he goes home with in the end. Please try to remember that at 5'5" tall and weighing 120lbs there's no way at all anyone could possibly consider you as fat.


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  • A man will look at other women as long as he has a pulse, no matter what his wife looks like. It's biology.

    • Yes, guys will always look at other girls as long as they live but allowing your girlfriend or wife catch you doing it only make you a pig.

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  • Nah, I'm sure he is. Men will always look at other women.

    If you're really feeling so crappy, maybe change up your diet, exercise and eat healthier. As for stretch marks, Vitamin E, Aloe Vera, and cocoa butter lotions are very good for reducing the color of stretchmarks and sometimes even getting rid of them. :)

  • no ure not

    dnt run yourself down lyk dat

    ur husband loves you because ure the one he goes home too not the girls he looks at :)

    boost yur confidence ur attractive I no worse people and guys still find them sexy :)

    oh cud you answer my question on the man that stares at me I really need more advice thanks x