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i just started dating this guy and when ever I come over he's never dressed nicely or his rooms not clean or anything he never wants to go anywhere he just wants to lay there and cuddle me while I'm all freshly dressed and all ,but when he goes to hang out with his friends he dresses nice and stuff, I don't understand, if you like someone you would want to make sure you look nice...he doesn't like me does he?

when I say he's not dressed nicely I mean he's in his pajamas and I'm in like a casual outfit like jeans and cute top and sandals and my hairs done and I smell nice... I guess I'm not worth getting dressed up for to him


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  • hmmmm, well it could be that he feels so comfortable with you that he doesn't feel the need to dress up for you...and that is kinda of a good thing...if you don't like it talk to him about it ask him why he doesn't dress up for you but he dresses up to go out with friends an see what he says...also you can imply to him that you like a clean room and a fresh man like you.


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  • Okay, tell him to dress when he's around you, tell him it discomforts you, and suck


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  • he means well, I've asked this myself. And I got answers from guys, it means that he feels completely comfortable around you.

    • But weve only been dating for 2 weeks how can he feel that comfortable already?