i would really appreciate your honest opinion thank you in advance

out of ten please ,am having doubts about my breast reduction surgery which is in 4 weeks to come


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  • Well I really like your body. You're probably a 8 body wise. While that outfit makes you look pretty sexy, I wouldn't dress like that all the time. Though I like your body type, it's a turn off when I see girls walking around like that. But yeah, really sexy.

    • I kind of hate how men give numerical ratings for beauty. Its not like a product review. Its not like I'm buying a laptop and reading some pc mag.

    • It's the simplest way to quantify beauty. adjectives are too vague, so one person's sexy could be another person's cute, could be a another person's so-so, which ends up with a lot of conflicting ratings. numbers consolidate all that into a single system that will give a generally accurate attractiveness estimate.

    • Yeah cutebubble, I think I understand, but in this case she's asked us to do it. I think I explained myself a bit too.

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  • Don't get them reduced. Stay natural please...

    Unless, like the other guy said, they are really causing you pain, don't do it.

    Very hot body. You don't need surgery or anything (no girls do really). It's just... weird when a girl has a body like that and thinks it's bad or that she needs implants/reduction.

  • Breast reduction surgery would make you look fatt ER.

    Boobs are almost never too big. Regardless who tells you otherwise.

    If anything you need a tummy tuck, or some lipo.

    You have a great sense of style, the top rocks.

    Probably have a butter-face, given that you don't show it.

    You should focus on your abs, and it looks like you are just about to explode out of those tight pants.. so you could probably use some time at your local gym.

    You are a good 7 probably, because of the boobs. Get rid of those and you are at best a 6.

    And that's only because I can't see the face, which frankly, is the most important part.

  • /no pic anymore, no way to know

  • Where are the pictures?

  • I'd do you!

    • Out of 10 what woud you say ,am having doubts about breast reduction operation my appointment is in 4 weeks to come

    • Unless those are causing you back problems and pain that you can't live with, DO NOT get them reduced. THey are very very nice.

  • I'd say an 8 but I could imagine (from what I heard from other girls) that's quite a load to be carrying around. I know a 17 yr. old complaining of back pain from hers.

    If your having doubts wait.

  • i tried to look at your pics but could not

  • idk I don't know what you look like so...

  • weres the pics

  • yea a picture would have been nice

  • Heck no. Big boobs are AWESOME!

  • Hottie!


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  • You should only have reduction if it's causing you back problems or if it actually hurts. Otherwise, guys would obviously not mind if they stayed this size. =P

    I say you're a 0 lol ... I can't even see you.

  • Where's the picture?