i would really appreciate your honest opinion thank you in advance

out of ten please ,am having doubts about my breast reduction surgery which is in 4 weeks to come


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  • Well I really like your body. You're probably a 8 body wise. While that outfit makes you look pretty sexy, I wouldn't dress like that all the time. Though I like your body type, it's a turn off when I see girls walking around like that. But yeah, really sexy.

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      I kind of hate how men give numerical ratings for beauty. Its not like a product review. Its not like I'm buying a laptop and reading some pc mag.

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      It's the simplest way to quantify beauty. adjectives are too vague, so one person's sexy could be another person's cute, could be a another person's so-so, which ends up with a lot of conflicting ratings. numbers consolidate all that into a single system that will give a generally accurate attractiveness estimate.

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      Yeah cutebubble, I think I understand, but in this case she's asked us to do it. I think I explained myself a bit too.