Is there something wrong with me?

Well I am 16 and never dated and I am sweet but guys never noticed me this year is going to be my senior year in high school

and I am trying o be outgoing fun funny but guys just seem to look the other way or think of me in a "friend way " I just get tire of being the only one with out someone don't get me wrong I am not

desperate or lonely I just would like to see the other side of the fence is it really greener. What you think?


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  • Umm I know it sounds a bit harsh but maybe its the way you look. Now don't get ahead of me I'm not saying that you are ugly or unattractive, but considering the age range of the guys in your class well they mostly go for the supermodel types because they still don't comprehend value. In other words maybe your pretty and have the right personality but maybe not the current standard for the guys at your school. Wait out for college and guys will be a little wiser and know quality when they see it, but just a little wiser. Don't rush. Its pretty nice having someone but it also comes with a whole set of new problems for you. Saying that lets get to the suggesting. You sound like your one of those nice girls that is good with most of your class mates and doesn't really cause much trouble in class. Well id say do something out of the ordinary for you like change your hair or better yet do something no one knows you can do for a talent show. Now don't go changing who you are, just adjust some things and go upgrade. And also don't go flashing at guys or burning down the school, when I say out of the ordinary I mean something that will get you attention in a positive way. Good luck.

    • Most guys that I know say I am pretty and my friends say that a lot I wouldn't say I am popular but I am known for being me funny,and outgoing, that's why this stumps me why guys don't look at me?

    • Because the dudes in your age range have just discovered playboy magazines and have all the illusions in their heads that the best girls are the ones that resemble the type that appear in those books of lies. They are basically searching more into what makes them go *boing* then what can be something really special. If your lucky enough, then you mite stumble upon one that thinks with his head and heart, rather than his head and nuts. So don't worry. You don't seem to be the problem. In time.


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  • I think high school sucked a lot because people where so focused on perfect that they forgot about the rest of the world. First think I can tell you is that there are a lot of people that are sharing your experience, likely at your highschool. They are all levels of attractive but they didn't become "popular". Start asking around. I am willing to bet there is more than one someone (male and female) who would love to go out with you but they are convinced you would laugh in their face.

    btw, college gets better for most people.


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  • I didn't start dating until I was 17. There is nothing wrong with you. I'm sure you're a great girl with a great personality. Just have fun and enjoy your high school years. Be involved in many activities! You won't regret it!