Seems like he's treating her like a trophy, what should she do?

My friend has been going out with this guy for about 4 weeks they hit it off really good and they are a match made in heaven. They're going to get married soon and such. Well One day my friend and her boyfriend and our other friend went to the mall together because she needed cover from her mom. The other friend named C(not really but just a short way to say stuff) was supposedly being ignore by the boyfriend and feeling like a dead weight and the only reason they'd stop is because friend A would have to wait for C to catch up because the boyfriend wanted to go to places. Soon after C wanted to go home and told A what had happen. Now A's bf(after meeting C) said he feels different about A and he doesn't know what to do, they haven't talked since that day where they hung out at the mall. A is really worried not knowing what to do and she feels like he is her trophy more then a gf. Only wanted her to himself but when it comes to his friends he'd show her off. I'm suppose to be the maid of honor for the wedding and right now my friend is having some crazy problems and I or her don't know what to do?


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  • I got confused with all the friend A friend C bull crap

    • Sorry about that A's boyfriend isn't talking to her after meeting her friend which is C. and A's boyfriend hasn't talked to her since that day

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  • UHH wow only been together for 4 weeks and already getting married? I'm sorry but it takes years to figure out who someone really is and 4 weeks deff. isn't enough time to get to know somebody and people wonder why the divorce rate is so high these 19 and I'm married, but my husband and I were together 3 and a half years b4 we got married. I would say your friend should slow down and if she feels like a trophy then they aren't a match. Your boyfriend should make you feel special no matter who is around.