I hate my body.

I hate it. I'm not fat or anything. But I have huge hip bones. Small shoulders. Small waist. Small breasts. I have cellulite. My face is ugly.

Today I went out and saw these men triple check a girl that walked by... she was tall, bleach blonde, big boobs, small waist, small hips and round butt. I felt like crap, seeing these men drool. It was disgusting seeing them act like pigs... but at the same time I envied that girl because I never get that type of attention, not even from d-bags!

I'm newly single and I feel even uglier. I don't know what to do. I mean I have a big lower body, not because of fat, but because my hip bone is big... and I have zero t*ts. It sucks! And if my face was beautiful to make up for it, but no, it's really normal.

I hate myself. Why does beauty have to be important? It's unfair. Sorry, but I'm feeling really low and that's what I see: men drooling over big boobs and big butts, talking to girls with pretty faces, ignoring the rest of us.


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  • all guys drool over bleach blonde tramps likethat. I'm only in highschool and I've seen it. and I have boobs and some what of a butt but guys ignore me. if you newly single just wait for things to take a turn. go look at the fish in the water but not the ones drooling over bleach blonde hoes with giant boobs and butts. the only thing theyll ever be is eyecandy or a sex toy. their never going to find someone who likes them for them and not the way they look. just wait itll happen, not right away, but it will .

    • But I still feel ugly... it sucks that I have to wait for a guy to talk to me to notice me and not htink I'm hot like those other girls, even if I'm not busty or anything.


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  • do you know that you just decribed a body that most people envy and wish they ahd you ahve tot hink of it this way if you looked like her okay yes you would get that attention ubt si that what you really want ... for all you knwo she proabbly has surgery to get that body and she does not relize that her body can react to it later ... besies you never knwo what secret admirer you have out there waitng to make a move .so wake up evrymonring and say MY BODY IS BEAUTIFUL I AM BEAUTIFUL I LOVE MYSELF AND SMILE dnt let these small things get to you =] <3 from your new frined mercy love ur body and in return it will love you =]

  • physical beauty is only important if you make it important.. we as human beings always want what we can't have.. I have C's and sometimes I wish I had A's so I could wear cute low cut tops or dresses and not look like a porn star or a slut.. I don't hate my boobs or my body by any means I love them but my point is that we all want something we can't have.. you should learn that their will always be someone who seems have something you want but their is always someone else who will look at you and find something they want.. love yourself to the fullest this is your own body and their is no replicas make the best of it your a limited addition.. beauty truly does come within and when you see yourself as beautiful others will too

  • Don`t mind the guys drooling over the big boobs and butts, those probly arn`t the kind of guys you would want to associate with anyways. I`m sure you will run into a guy that will think you are the sexiest thing in the world, and won`t treat you like an object. Like most of the guys dating those blondie fake tit chicks. I bet you are beautiful anyways.