If a guy missed his chances how would he react?

If a guy (painfully shy unfortunately) liked a girl for a long time, but now the girl has gotten tired of waiting for something to develop and has moved on, (he had his opportunities but messed them up) would the fact that she's not interested anymore put him off going for it and doing something about it? Would it make him more nervous that there's a chance she'll knock him back now cos she's moved on?


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  • You have a good point. If he was too hesitant when you were more available, it seems like the change in your direction would make him more reluctant to try. Even if he suddenly realized the consequences of not having made a move before, he may feel like he can't now. If she ran out of patience that's one thing, but if she really acts uninterested, then he could well accept the situation as a closed door.

    On the other hand, in your question it sounds like maybe you would like him to wake up and come running to catch you. Otherwise why worry what he's thinking? If he came to you and said, "I've been blind, I'm crazy about you and have been for a long time. You're the one. Give me a chance." Would you be open to that? If so, then you haven't moved on entirely. But how will he know that?

    Is that you Rachel?

    • I guess I will have to let him know. Thanks for your input. Spot on.

      No it's not Rachel btw.

    • Glad to be of help. I knew you were someone else because I lost touch with Rachel (not her real name). She died very young - before I could ask the things I wanted to know and tell her I was stupid. Kind of an extreme case. My only article is about her and consequences of not communicating.


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  • Painfully shy guy? If he was shy when he knew she might be interested, let alone will he muster up the courage when he knows she not interested anymore! :)

  • I think it depends on the guy and the situation. If he thinks there's a possibility that the girl still likes him, he may finally get the guts to try to pursue her - being afraid that he would totally miss it with her. Or, he may just resign himself to the fact that she is giving up and moving on. Most of the time, a girl moving on is a sign to a guy that she is tired of waiting and can't wait any longer. I think that if a guy doesn't feel ready to jump into something with a girl, that nothing will change that. I'm a shy guy too, and I've made a girl that I've liked wait for about 3 years now. Unfortunately, I was not purposely trying to make her wait for me or hurt her in some way. Neither was I rejecting her. It just turns out that I have not felt ready to start anything with her as of yet. She has made a decision to move on at this time, and I don't blame her at all, neither am I going to try to stop her. Of course, I really like her, but that doesn't mean I want her to have to wait around for me forever. I would not want to do that for her either. If it doesn't work, it doesn't work. At any rate, those are my own personal opinions, but I wish you good luck with whatever you choose to do. :)

  • It wouldn't make him nervous, he most likely got tired of her after she moved on, and isn't interested anymore. if he still is, and she doesn't have anything that's his or like that. *shrug* they should both be moving forward in their lives. if she is still keeping in contact, or has something of his or something, then yea fake interest that is a ghost of whatever was will go on till it echos out in some way or stops because people are people.


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