Do guys like girls who are slutty, conservative, or a little of both on a date?

Let's say you're going on a first date with a chick. Would you rather she

1. Dressed really slutty, showing off all her assets, and made it clear you were getting lucky at the end of the date.

2. Dressed really conservatively, covered her body up, and made it clear you weren't getting anything at the end of the date.

3. Dressed so that she was covered mostly but showed off a little bit and made it seem like you might get a little bit after the date but you couldn't really tell what/if you were going to get.


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  • I prefer it when people act like themselves instead of pretending you're something else and being a manipulative bitch in general.


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  • A cross between 2/3... #2 sounds like a business woman that's too busy for a extracurricular activities. #3 is kinda vague but flirty... Combine the two and you have a working woman that can have her fun on her time away from work.

    ~ ArtistBBoy

  • I would like 1 but then not getting basically she teased me all night and then made me wait.

    or 2 if I suprisingly got it at the end of the night.

    or 3 would be fine :)

  • I like when she is dressed nicely (mostly covered) and not like a whore..


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