I'm in LOVE with Edward Cullen and wake-up every night wishing he was looking at me!?

I can't stop thinking about him! I LOVE HIM! I want him to be mine. I read the books over and over just knowing that whenever he spoke to Bella, he was really speaking to me. I have a poster of him right above my bed so I can look at him when I go to bed and wake up. I even wake up in the middle of the night just to see if he's standing by my bed watching me sleep. Last night, I even packed my suitcase so that I can be ready when he comes to get me. I don't wanna eat or do my schoolwork and I don't want to go out with my friends because I might miss him! My mom just doesn't understand! I can't tell her. I just need Edward! My love

Should I tell her? she might ground me


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  • Ok for a start Edward Cullen is a fictional character. He does not exist. An actor plays him in movies, and you are far too young for him.

    You may not believe this, but you're not in love with him either. Love requires a relationship of interdependence, which is missing here. I can understand why your mum doesn't understand - the guy is not real. If you tell her she'd break out laughing. As you come to this realisation, do your schoolwork and hang out with your friends - he's not coming for you.


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  • That fellow pattison looks like an expressionless chunk of wood. You should have your eyes checked.

  • You are still dreaming and never woke up ... lol

    Btw your mom doesn't need to ground you, you are already doing that to yourself so stop acting like a little drama queen that no one understands and spend some time with the people who actually really care about you because Edward is so busy with bella that he obviously completely forgot about you.


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  • Sweetie...you know that Edward Cullen is a fictional character? That means he isn't real. Which, by default means that he won't ever come to get you because he flat out can't because he doesn't exist.

    The actor that plays Edward Cullen apparently has horrid breath and smells really bad. He is also a bit skinny and up himself. He is also engaged.

    While every girl may have teenage crushes that spin out of control, you need to be aware that you are REALLY spinning out of control because it is affecting your social life. Put it in perspective: the more time you 'wait for Edward' (who is, as we have already established, not real and therefore not coming to get to) the more you are missing out on meeting your own personal ral life version of Edward. Who, just so there is no confusion, would not be a vampire, not be called Edward Cullen and not look like Edward Cullen. But he would be as sweet and caring and lovely as Edward in the Twilight books and movies and by hiding away you are missing your oportunities.

    Get out there and start living your life.

    If you still can't get out and live your life because you are fantasising about a fictional character then perhaps it might be time to talk to a professional about what you are feeling.

  • o hunny you need to see a doctor...hes not real!