Do you find them attractive?

I know I love piercings on guys but I'm just wondering what exactly guys think of piercings on chicks. More specifically my anti-eyebrow piercing in my pic. Do you find them attractive, a turn off or just doesn't matter? Opinions please :)


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  • Anything that detracts from femininity, and since innocence, and being shy and fragile, is one part of that, things tattoos and piercings are going to make you less attractive.

    Part of being a "girl" is not being able to handle pain, or at least pretend to be that way.

    Sometimes piercings look like moles or zits. Especially from a distance.

    The reason why its hot on guys? The same reason. Because it shows us to be manly that we can handle pain. It goes back to when we marked ourselves up in part of a tribe of hunters.

    Its not manly for a guy to cry when he stubs his toe. (everyone would make fun of him)

    But if a girl does it... people think.. well she's is a girl. (almost no one would say a word.)

    Nipple piercings are fine because they draw the eyes to the nipples and draws the eye to your boobs and since boobs are girly... that works.

    The same goes for piercing the clitoris.

    Tramp stamps are also acceptable since they draw the eye to the butt.

    Why would you want someone to look at your left nostril? or your right eyebrow? is that one nostril awesome in some way? Come on... its a nostril. Unless that nostril has a picture of a naked lady on it, it doesn't work.

    There's your answer.

    • Is it just me, or is this a REALLY sexist answer? Everyone is entitled to their opinion, of course, but this just strikes me as a very sexist opinion. Girls can handle pain, and some of us don't want to be particularly girly. Plus, how would you know that one nostril is not more awesome than the other?

    • The moment anyone asks what men or women think, it becomes a sexist answer. Because its a sexist question. If you want to attract a man, you act girly, manly behavior is only going to attract other women. Men are not attracted to women who walk like men, and have deep voices. The masculine will always be attracted to the feminine. This is true even in lesbian and gay couples. That's why there is such a thing as "butch" lesbians. One person is always more butch or more feminine than the other


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  • I think piercings are pretty cool if they're in the right spots. I don't like it when a girl is loaded with enough piercings to set off a metal detector, but a well placed eyebrow pierce is pretty sweet.

  • Very attractive, especially in bunches.

  • no. I like dresses an flowers on my women

  • Yep like em, easy to take out once the novelty wears off, can be a problem maintaining them, infections etc especially if you surf, salt water etc...


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  • I think piercings can be hot on both guys and girls. I really like lip rings, nose rings, snakebites, and sometimes eyebrow piercings. Yours looks good.