What do you think of girls who have fake straight hair?

All my friends are getting their hair straightened. Its definitely hot amongst girls but I want to know what guys think of this trend?

Example: link

  • I like straight hair, don't care if its fake
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  • I don't like it
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  • If it suits them, its cool
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  • I don't get if its fake or not, I don't care
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Whats with all the girls saying its not fake? Its obviously not natural so its fake. Just like fake boobs, these women did have mammary glands earlier but now they've gotten them enhanced!


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  • I like curly hair, like in the first picture.

    If you want to straighten it that's up to you.

    I don't think that girls with curly hair know how lucky they are.


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  • I saw a girl the other day with straight hair, and I thought to myself, "Wow! That girl has straight hair"! I'm still thinking about it!

  • What's fake or not? I wouldn't like fake hair but I don't really understand the process of it

    • Like, a flat iron, or a chemical straitening treatment.

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    • Haha you can't call hair you straight fake..thats like they've had a weave in...say not natural straight it ain't like fake boobies at all because you can always leave your hair curly

    • Your giving way too much credit to guys giving a sh*t about little things like this. I think the fashion industry would go broke if women knew what men think

  • I want a girl to be just the way she is - without any augmentations, no matter how small.

    Also, straightening DESTROYS your hair.

    It's all dumb.

  • So basically your saying what I think of a girl who goes around with straight hair because she straightens it and it's not really fake as in you can pull it out easily.

    If this is the case I think straight hair is nice but the picture you used, I thought the girl looked better with wavy hair.

  • I like both. If you wore your hair straight for a week Id want wavy. If you wore wavy for a week id want straight.

  • I like curly hair more, you can guess why. Its different though, unique.


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  • I don't think this would really be considered fake.

    To be honest, the majority of girls with naturally straight hair straighten it anyway to give it a sheen.

    Tons of girls do it and it's hard to tell the difference between naturally straight hair and straightened hair most the time.

    I know that for most my friends, straightening their hair is part of their daily routine.

  • kay. I don't understand your concept of fake. Its their real hair, its not fake, its just styled.

    I don't think your comparison with breast impants. maybe different bras would be better; push up give the illusion of full, sports bras give the illusion of none.

    My hair is weird. If it air dries, it goes weird. I have to straighten it to calm it and make it look normal, and I use hair-protection spray each time my hair is exposed to extreme heat.

    If I want curly hair, I have to curl it, is that fake too?

    there are some girls who *dont* have curly hair, and so I get the feeling that your not content with others' hair issues. Not everyone needs to be like you, people CAN be different and do their own thing.

  • well I don't really have an opinion. My hair changes but it's mostly straight. I curl it sometimes so I wonder what other people think when I curl my hair? haha no , I Don't really care.

  • I wouldn't call it fake, it's just doing with what you already have.

    Like someone curling their hair, you wouldn't call that fake.

    And I think that picture is a bad example, 'cause not all girls who straighten their hair have hair like that before it. There are girls that have wild bed hair before straightening their hair not perfect curls like the girl in the picture and that's giving guys the wrong impression.

    Girls straighening their hair is just finding the style that fits their frame more, as simple as that.

  • so the idea of making a new hairstyle for yourself is fake ?

    hm...i need to protest beauty salons.

    you can't compare a boob job with straighten hair...

  • It is not fake. If you're going to use that logic, then when girls put of makeup, you're saying that their face is fake. Or use a straightener/curler on their hair, that's fake too.

    I can't even take you seriously because you're comparing a SURGERY to hair straightening. Really?! How you even came to that conclusion, I'll never understand.

    What I think is that you're -----

    Jealous because you can't afford to get it done so you're belittling it to make other girls feel bad

    • Its not d temporary straightening with an iron... I have done it myself! Haven't you heard fake blondes?? Getting your hair permanently straightened is definitely a major process! And the straight hair is not real so its fake.

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    • Oh yea,I know..I plan on getting the Japanese blowout,costs $500 buckaroos.Just gotta let my chemically treated(colored) hair grow out:)

    • U can never get your hair permanently straight it grows out =)

      and it ain't fake at all..get over it

  • why are you calling it fake? it's not fake. it's their own hair, but they're just getting it chemically straightened. And it's not really a trend...girls have been doing this for years and years and years now. it's not like it's something recent.

  • I wouldn't call that fake.. I thought you meant if a girl has weaves or hair extensions..

    Most of my friends straighten their hair every morning which causes them split ends.. -__-"

    I personally love curly hair.. I have straight hair..