Why do men always fix themselves when they see a female?

is it because it is growing or what why do guys do that?


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  • lol I don't think it's because they see a girl, at least not the majority of the time. It's just like when a girl needs to adjust her boobs, guys have the same thing. For some guys it's worse then others. I have known a few guys who constantly have to adjust themself. I'm not sure if it's the underwear, or what, but obviously they are uncomfortable and have to readjust.


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  • Do you mean the crotch adjustment? I hear it moves out of place and needs to be put back. :)

  • its just somethin guys always do I live around so many guys who adjust themselves and evn my boyfriend doe it in front of me and I personally agree that the underwear have to do with it even boxers make it move around so they have to keep adjustin

  • guys are weird they want to look good for women trust me I live with guys and they take 2 hours just to go some where

    • Lmfao - true that. My guy friend takes longer than I do to get ready.

    • OMG! I understand a half an hour to get ready. I take 15 minutes and I'm good to go. I understand trying to look good for the opposite sex but I think that's a bit much. If that was me I'd missed out on all the good times going out. But, to each is own, I guess.