When men have feelings for a woman, what are the signs?!

It seems as though the same techniques to get to her heart and to get in her pants are the same ones...what are the main things to look for when he actually LIKES you, not just wants to bang you? I know every guy is different, but please gimme some pointers...


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  • yea I agree with MysteryMan, the way he looks at you really helps. Also if he really seems to enjoy your company even if there is no chance it could lead to anything sexual at the time. And if he is just trying to get in your pants it will come a time when that really comes out and he really tries to.


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  • The look in their eyes ... Some guy's can be hard-asses which make it difficult for you to read compared to softies who obviously show it constantly ... Anyone who ever see's me w my girl always say's "wow, you can tell he loves you" ... and she has also stated it, she feel's it from the look I give her ...

  • We don't push for sex on the first date. That's a good sign.

    We tell our friends about you. And it doesn't involve your boobs, butt, lips, or anything sexual.

    We call you.

    We look for reasons to touch you. Like your arm, or rub on your back, or putting our arm around you. It's a sign of comfort.


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