All scratched up?

I have an extremely cute figure... Tan, tone, slim blah blah blah... But I'm all banged up and scarred up. My stomach- It looks like someone carved off the top layer of my skin, but it's from burning myself on accident with boiling water. My legs- Covered with scars and scratched up. That's pretty much it...

Is this a major turn off?


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  • Nah. If anything I would see a body like that and take it as meaning someone who understands the value of hard work and having to bust your ass through life.


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  • Nope. It's only a turn-off for very shallow wouldn't want one of those guys, right? As long as you have a really cool personality, and you have the added benefit of being cute, as you'll be fine : )

  • Belly and legs can be covered up :P Depends on what the scars look like, if they are extremely noticable I would initially be turned off, the burnet belly wouldn't really bother me that much. If you have a nice overall figure then it wouldn't matter past the first 5/10 seconds of looking at you. And if I could se your were a nice girl by the way you acted or spoke then it would never matter again.


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