Things that you look for in a woman?

Guys (other than sex) what are some things that you look for in a women. Is it all about looks or does her inside weigh more than her outside to you? Guys please give a truthful answer


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  • If I'm not basely physically attracted to a girl, I won't pursue a relationship with her, regardless of how much I like her personality. It's dishonest to myself, and dishonest to her. There has to be SOME degree of physical attraction, or else it's just a disaster waiting to happen.

    Ideally, I like intelligent girls with cute faces. For me intelligence is less about knowledge, and more about ability and will to grasp intellectual concepts. You don't have to be smart, but you at least have to try. Women with a talent and passion are a positive thing. Goals are good, but interests are better.

    • I totally agree as a female when it comes to guys your outside depends on whether or not I want to get to know you better.

    • You misinterpreted what I said. My interest in women is not dictated by their attractiveness. I'm friends with girls I don't find attractive, but I will never date a girl I'm not attracted to, for the simple reason that it's dishonest.

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  • - She's independent

    - She's pretty

    - She's smart

    - She's got a good sense of humour

    - She's outgoing

    - She's open minded

  • Smarts. Self sufficient. Independent. Sense of humor. Kind.

  • I like a woman that's independent, pretty, smart, good sense of humour, outgoing, open minded. the same as Wanacot.

  • Looks matter, but I also look for girls who are kind, caring, open minded, doesn't get upset easily and isn't lazy.


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