Prom soon, any advice?

I'm kind of bad when it comes to getting all dressed up and my prom is in a week ha ha. well, I'm wearing a white halter dress, not a long gown, it's knee length. I'm also wearing white heels and a gold necklace. I like to be simple. But when it come to make up, I'm really lost! I have green eyes, and tan skin. My eyes and lips are kind of big...I don't know what kind of make up to do with my dress and face shape. any advice? THANK YOU :)


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  • Exact eyelights by cover girl, for green eyes. Trust me, it works great, I have the eyeliner for brown eyes. I use the eyeliner, but they also make eyeshadow and I think mascara. Some other tips: If you plan to do a lot with your eyes, DO NOT do to much with your lips, only a little gloss. Same thing, vice versa. If you do a lot with your lips, tone the eyes down. Other or it's too much, and you look like a clown. Angelina Jolie is a great example, she either focuses on her lips, or her eyes, not both. Don't use concealer, if you do, very little, because caked on orange is not attractive. You don't look like you need it anyway. Tie in a little gold, it will bring out the necklace. Also, if you do something dramatic with your hair, go EASY on the makeup.

    • Ahh thank you so much, that really, really helps. you seem to know a lot!

    • Aha, no problem. I'm thinking of going into cosmetology when I grow up.


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  • you look photogenic...try just simple white facial powder to get your skin tone close enough to your dress color, eye lash extensions to make your eyes accentuated, red lip gloss to define your lips...that should be enough

    • Okay I'll do that! thank you:)

    • But you don't want to be too matchy-matchy with the makeup. For example, I love my green eyeliner, but if I wear a green shirt, it's just too much. Same thing with the white powder. It might be too much white. I would say go with a LITTLE BIT of bronzer, you need some contrast. To match, try to tie in the gold, as I said in my answer. If you go red, don't go too dark. He is right about the eyelashes though. Eyelash extensions, or a good mascara, either one.

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  • Just get a light eyeshadow, and put a little bit on.. not much.. then do the brown/balck mascara and eyeliner and maybe even add a light colored eyeliner as well on your eyelid, red/pink lip gloss