Why is Utah so backwards?

if a girl aborts. its murder in the first degree

they're trying to eliminate grade 12. so they can "cut down on costs"

not to mention, Mormons (nothing wrong with em, just a lot of them)

could it get any worse in Utah?


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  • You're grossly oversimplifying a lot of principles. There are legal licensed abortion clinics in Utah. The criminal and felony charges for abortion only apply to illegal abortions, usually through negligent violently induced miscarriage. They are not "eliminating the 12th grade", they are consolidating the traditional four year high school program into a three-year program, by extending the length of the school year. Same curriculum, same course work, same number of credit hours, but longer school years and consequentially shorter high school programs.

    Utah is a collective of citizens doing what they believe to be right. Just because they don't do things in a similar way as you do, does not mean they are "backwards" or wrong. What is backwards, is pulling a bunch of information out of context and using that information to chastise a group of people.

    The most pitiful fools in this world are convinced that no one else is capable of reason.

    • Theres a difference between what you think is right, and what a book tells you is right, and using that book out of context to chastise a group of people. social conservatism is a joke that only leads to segregation, moral panic and self-repression. Utah probably has the lowest homosexuality rate in america as well, not because the guys are all straight but the gay ones are afraid come out, threatened of being shunned and brutalised, notwithstanding the stigma. 1st world country my ass.

    • There is a very obvious radiating prejudice against Mormons across the United States and you're justifying these prejudices against them because they disagree with homosexual rights and empowerment? Responding to those guilty of ignorance and persecution with your own brand of ignorance and persecution is not justice. The same foolish fervor with which you claimed that "Canada would beat up Mormons" is the same foolish fervor with which homophobes hurt gays.

      You are no better than they.

    • Dear @avksxx

      thank you for doing your homework. I'm glad *someone* does:)

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  • If you don't like it then don't go there. I don't like Texas so I don't go there and if I ever wind up there it's gonna be because I'm there on business or I'm getting paid a lot of money to work down there

    • That's no solution for someone who had the bad luck to be born there.

  • they are too deluded by their religion to see the forest for the trees


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  • In Utah, religion?

    Well, there's nothing condemning abortion in the New Testament: it's not even talked about.

    In the Old Testament it's even recommended in case of adultery, read it here; link

    God is not Pro Life, the Bible is very clear about that : link

    A religious country like the US actually has higher abortion (and crime rates than more secular countries in Europe: link


    Roe Vs Wade overrules the Utah Law. She can appeal to Federal High Court.

    Think about it.

  • Well...with the abortion thing...thats not entirely accurate...its legal to have an abortion early on..but latter when abortion is illegal like in the 3rd trimester if a girl INTENTIONALLY like does something to kill the baby, then yes, that's illegal. but you phrased it like all abortion was illegal.

    Also, I mean grade 12 is kinda meh..neway...I mean for the most part...if you don't flunk an courses in high school. by your senior year...ull only have a few credits left neway...as for mormons...yes that's the pre-dominant religion, but honestly its not really anymore ridiculous than what many Protestants, Catholics believe.

  • Utah has amazing skiing and that's all that matters to me. As long as the mountains are still there I could care less what the Mormons are doing.

  • wow, if you guys want, Canada could always f*** Utah's sh*t up, that way it wouldn't be classified as a civil war... I also hear the most paying jobs out in that god forsaken state include "queer chaser" and "whistler beater-upper"

  • Utah has the highest porn consumption rate in the U.S.

    But it's okay because they feel guilty about it and repent for their sins later.

  • well abortion is murder. mormons are crazy and high school is a joke.

  • I recently took a vacation to Utah and it seemed nice to me.

  • Sounds like fun I need directions how do I get their... and what do I wear...