What is the difference between calling girls cute, hot, pretty, sexy, etc?

Pretty self explanatory.

Or is there no difference?


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  • Calling a girl cute could be friendly or minor attraction. Possibly future dating. If you are already together its just a nice name to call her!

    Hot -> you call a girl that you just wanna F*CK! SImple as that! No girl you are in love with you ll ever call Hot

    Pretty-> calling a girl pretty is usually an attempt to boost her ego! If the guy tell his friends the girl is pretty that means he likes her... quite a lot

    Sexy-> calling a girl sexy to her face is again probably ego boost! Guys do call girls that they don't really think are sexy, that! Just to make them more confident.

    You forgot a very important one...

    When a guy can look at a girls eyes and call her beautiful.. then you know somebody is in trouble.. that's when feelings are involved and every thing else is just a cute name calling.. but its rare for a guy to do that any more.. most girls like attention than feelings so guys hold back..


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  • cute- love the face

    hot - great body

    sexy/georgous- great body love to see more of it ...

    beautyful - love everything about what I'm seeing and perfect personality wt it

  • Cute - I'll be a big bro.. try to hook her up with a good friend.

    Hot - Not necessarily sexually advanced, but doesn't matter - sexual tension is enough.

    Pretty - Possibly not having a nice body, but nice face for sure.

    Sexy - safely assume they're good in bed, just by their manner and looks.

  • cute- shy little stuff, trys to do something but messes up

    hot- 10/10 girl, prob not going to approach her but amazing to look at.

    sexy- never use it but probably something she does

    pretty- the perfect girl, might not be a 10/10 to everyone but to me she is always looks good no matter what with a great personality.

  • Cute = facial features.

    Pretty = dressed well.

    Hot = F*** and forget.

    Sexy = impressive private parts (good butt, big boobs etc).

    Beautiful = (cute + pretty + sexy)*angelic.

  • Cute = I'd do that, and actually have a shot with her.

    Hot = I'd love to do that and would cut off a nut for an hour with her...but likely won't get her digits.

    Sexy = I'd do that...I hope she just thinks she is cute so I have a shot...if she turns me down she gets downgraded to "slightly above cute"

    • Why does every category start with 'I'd do that'

      Man, you'll just do anybody wouldn't cha? ;p

    • Cuz I would "do" cute, hot and sexy. I wouldn't "do" gross, huge, and fugly

    • Hahhaha. ^

  • For me I use some terms to describe different people. If I find a person attractive and wan't a chance dating her, I'll say cute, beautiful or pretty. If I'm talking about a girl that's out of my league ill use hot, sexy.

  • Pretty - Facial features

    Cute - Facial features but more so

    Hot - Body

    Sexy - Body but more so

    Beautiful - Heart meltingly brilliantly perfect.

    • Seems like your take on cute/pretty differs from the person below x)...hmmm

  • i don't find a difference really. there just different types of attractive. people tend to think taller women are hot but I don't like tall girls so I don't know I just see attractive iguess.

  • It's all on they guy. They can be a lot different from guy to guy.

  • Can I have your phone number

  • Cute - face

    Pretty - face (but better than cute)

    Hot - body

    Sexy - body (but better than hot)

    • That means I'm both face but not body.

      But hey my body's good too xD

  • To me, cute is someone likable, but not necessarily good looking. Or short girls that are friendly, but I'd not be interested in dating.
    Hot is someone I find very physically attractive, like a gorgeous tall girl. Whether I'd like her in non-sexual ways too, depends on her personality.
    Pretty - girl that looks better than a girl who is merely cute. General term for a good looking girl.
    Sexy - same as hot.

  • Cute girls are these sweet girls that you just have to hug like a teddybear and you can't stop smiling. Everybody loves a cute girl.

    Hot and sexy girls are a little bit more dangerous, and you look at them with a evil smile thinking about all the naughty things you are gonna do to her.

    Beautiful girls are more graceful and classy.


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  • What about gorgeous? I get that one a lot...

    • Hence the etc in the question haha

      I was just naming a few

    • YEH, I JUST GOT THAT one recently. I think it means beautiful in the way you present yourself?

  • ive struggled to figure this one out from so many men too, and all it comes down to is that every person is different and everyone has their own definition of what cute or sexy and such is...

    however generally, I've learned that:

    -sexy can be actions too and the way you carry yourself, doesn't need to involve looks, it can be both a good or bad thing, I personally think its good if you're in your mid 20s and mature and ready for a serious relationship

    -cute/pretty is a good thing, because it suggests a potential for a relationship, a good friendship with added attraction, a potential life partner even, and its something genuine and realistic that we women should want to hear

    -hot I realize is not so good of a thing, because it suggests mostly sexual thoughts and nothing more...