What do you think of gingers??

Okay, so I'm a redhead girl and it's always annoyed me. Either people really hate my hair or they really love it. What do you think of gingers? By this I mean a perfectly normal looking guy or girl, good figure etc, but with Ginger hair. Would this be deal breaker or deal sealer?


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  • In the USA nobody cares, but I'm guessing your British. Honestly, I don't get what the big fuss is over there...

    Red hair is sexy, slightly more so than blonde because it's more unique and individualistic...but no hair color is a deal breaker or deal sealer for me.

    Once again, this is an American speaking.

    • Haha I can't believe you guessed straight away that I'm British. It is a big deal over here. I asked some people I was with the other day why it was a big deal and apparantly it's because it makes me 'intimidating'

    • Well, I find all girls a bit intimidating regardless of hair color...I digress. The one good thing for you is that hair color is very easy change, and a bit less expensive than a plane ticket off of the island ;) But I still say that anyone who doesn't like red hair is crazy!


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  • no soul, nuff said


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  • I think girls can pull off red hair and be cute but I don't think guys can... I guess its not masculine enough or something