Any advice? Do you think he likes me?

there's this guy and he's really cute. I think he's been trying to ask me out because he keeps saying where he's going places and that I should go with him. he always asks me questions in class even though he says he has a good grade. we text each other back and forth just to joke and talk. The thing is though is that he hangs out with a lot of girls which is a huge turn off for me...but a few questions:

do you think he likes me?

what should I do to get him to ask me out?

how do I get over him being kind of a man whore? :P

oh and another thing...i always have to text him that bad?
now were going somewhere to hang out soon. I'm super nervous and any tips on what to do during it to get him to like me?


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  • You are only saying that because you want him to text you first. You are afraid of coming off creepy.

    Let me tell you this, there is just about nothing you are going to do that's going to make him think you are creepy/needy.

    You look like you might be an 8. If he doesn't at least want to sleep with you, he's gay.


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  • He likes you for sure. I can't imagine many guys not liking you. Your looks are going to get you a long way with men. At least at first until they find out that you're a total bitch. That is if you are one.

    You dress awesome and have great style and I love your hair. So you know what you are doing.

    You can accidentally bump into him, smile till your mouth bleeds, stare at him until he thinks your crazy, and do hair flips all day, but ultimately you can't force a guy to ask you out.

    Walk by in class and smile at him and when you bump into him put your hand on his shoulder and then slowly slide it down his arm. Just before you let go, give a slight grip. Then look at him and smile and say "oops, sorry."

    Things like this will typically give a man the hint that you are interested.

    Typically a man who doesn't ask a woman out whos attractive is just scared. He might be waiting until he gets the green light to ask you out. He doesn't want to be rejected, so he's waiting for that signal.

    Doing stuff like that will help.

    And if it doesn't there's not much else you can do, instead of just asking him out.

    And like I said, I don't think he's going to say no.

  • Talk to him like a real person and be honest about what you are thinking/feeling.

    Try to actually talk to him and carry a conversation.

  • theres nothing you can really do to change a manwhore...just if you guys ever do get into a serious relationship...i would talk to him. another thing..this may seem strange but he may be addicted to meeting girls...some guys get a rush from meeting new people..and he may be doing this. I would deff say he likes you though

  • there's no problem with a guy who's a flirt. this guy knows that if you save it for the girl you like, you choke when you get your chance. he obviously has singled you out. date him and he'll change.

  • To honest I would date you and no offence if he don't want to sleep with you he is gay cus I would.


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  • i think so...i like it better when boys text me first. it shows theyre interested

  • he totally likes you.

    ask him out! kinda can't do anything about that