What is best for my hair?

like most people I'm also the type to straighten my hair quite a lot but recently it is having its toll on my hair. And I want it to be healthy and normal without frizz.

what I mean is every time I shampoo my hair it frizzez to the max which is the normal result of straightening then add water but I just want to know which method or treatment is best to get my hair normal so I don't freak out about my hair getting wet when it's straight.

I'm just so over using a straightener and want to have naturally healthy hair


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  • Strengthening is bad for your hair, as well as blow drying it. The heat on your hair is just not healthy for it. But I am guilty of blow drying my hair, I don't straighten it though. If you blow dry it use a diffuser. Maybe try some product for your hair that is anti frizz, or try some straightening serum. Ask your beautician for the best products, but Granier Frcutis and Paul Mitchell are probably the best for me. I have naturally curly hair so I just let it go curly, and I use Paul Mitchell curl product to define my curls, but also to control the frizz. If you aren't going out anywhere special, don't straighten your hair or wash it. The natural grease that your hair produces when you don't wash it is actually good for your hair. And if you don't straighten it everyday that will help. Just throw it in a pony tail or bun, or even a barrette or headband. And try the straightening product in place of straightening your hair. Sometimes the products can reduce frizz as well, if not you might have to get an anti frizz product.


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  • In your pictures I see the curls fighting to come out. Just let it go!

    Let's see that natural hair, I bet it's beautiful!


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  • I think the perfect hair style for you would be to get framing layers with bangs that curve to the side. In terms of length keep it below the chin and get fullness at the top with less fullness on the sides. What ever you choose to do, make sure you stay away from short bobs and blunt cuts.

    I think by getting some layers, most frizz would be avoided. I would suggest using Frizz-ease, Clairol 5x, Aveda Brilliant Styling Cream, or Potion 9 by Sebastian- (leave in conditioning treatment). All of these help control any frizz so straighting and burning of hair isn't nessesary.


  • go to the hair dresses and ask them to thin your hair, its simple, I'm sure it will help.