What does a guy mean when he calls you "good looking"?

So I am talking with this boy and we both like each other, and he called me "good looking". I don't know what he means by this...like what is the difference between "good looking", cut, beautiful, hot.. etc. Please I'm so confused!


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  • It's awkward to tell people you find them attractive. I think my boyfriend is the hottest thing on the planet, but I can't tell him that. I feels weird to say, "You're hot," or "You're handsome." And guys feel the same way. Also, like ElleryAlexandria was saying, there are levels to attractiveness and words for that... and it's hard to say the one that best describes. Like I want to tell my boyfriend I think he's handsome, but I feel awkward saying that because it's not a word we use often, when describing men my friends and I usually say things like, "He's hot/ do-able/ sex-on-legs." Not exactly things you say to the person you like. So I tell him he's cute. but that's more a word guys use to describe girls. It's a mess really. Your guy is probably feeling in the mess right now. He thinks you're hot, cute, sex-on-legs, beautiful, stylish and totally wants to get with you, but doesn't know how to say it. So by calling you "good-looking" was his attempt at a compliment. Give him a break, eventually he'll get up the confidence to tell you you're beautiful.



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  • the first time around doesn't mean anything...he was probably nervous and spat it out of the blue...if he says it more often then it could be a sign to you

    • Haha okay. like he said it thru texting. I just don't know what the difference is between like that, hot, cute...you know what I mean haha

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  • It could depend on his personality. For example some guys won't call a girl hot, they will call her beautiful, and some guys do the opposite. Good Looking means Attractive.. Being cute, beautiful, and hot are all levels of attractive-ness. I'd say he finds you attractive, he just didn't tell you what level it is. Or maybe that's just how he calls someone beautiful. It really depends on a guy. Either way it's still a compliment.