Do looks make the first impression?

I guess the question was quite clear. Are your first impression of a person based on his\her looks ? If not, what are they based on ?


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  • yes. looks draw you in. secretly, we are all attracted to different people first and formost based on looks. once you figure out that the attraction is there, that's when personality comes into play. No all people find the same person attractive, which is a good thing in a way right?


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  • First impression are mostly based on looks and body language (sometimes)..

    If I see someone (no one in particular) and I see how he/she approaches their friends or a stranger before I approach them (Vice versa) then that may count as a first impression to me because that may be how they might come on to me too..

    So, in other words I observe from afar.

    I don't know if that made any sense, ah well.


What Guys Said 1

  • First impressions ARE looks. You can get an idea from a persons body language of what kind of behavior they have (outgoing, reserved, nice, cocky, etc.) But before that even happens, you see their looks. Looks happen quicker than analyzing their body language. So yeah, first impressions are looks based, nothing bad about it.