Larger Handbags = Higher Maintenance?

So I've heard that guys will think that girls who carry larger handbags have more to hide and/or are higher maintenance because they are assuming that she has a bunch of cosmetic stuff in there. I could see how they might think this, but all of my bags are larger bags but I really don't put much in there. I happen to carry lunch to work with me each day and so I carry a larger bag so I can carry one bag as opposed to several smaller bags. But would you actually look at a girl and assume she's high maintenance because she carries a larger handbag as opposed to a smaller one?


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What Guys Said 1

  • I don't think the size of the bag matters. If I were worrying about whether or not she was high maintenance it would be the brand, and also what she wears. However, if the female filled a large bag with a lot of cosmetic stuff, the high maintenance part wouldn't be something that would be a turn off, but rather the fact that she's that much concerned about how she looks. I do find purses, or smaller bags cute on girls though, haha.


What Girls Said 1

  • I they think that, it's stupid. I carry a large bag. It does have a small cosmetics bag in there, but it also has my lunch and a couple school books.