When involved with someone, what goes through a guy's mind when they look at more attractive women?

Do they think its just good looks or do they want to have sex with them? I would just like to know why he looks and why he says he can't help it!

i have told him how much it hurts to see him look and its like he doesn't care, girls I ask are like, oh no I'm fine with it its just looking, but to me I feel like he should be looking at me, not so tight dressed hottie!


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  • I think its just a fact of life. Men are always going to look at good looking girls. You can't stop it from happening. But just because he has a bit of a glance at other girls does not mean he's not interested in you. Its kinda hard to explain but there is kind of a shallow side and a deepside to a male. The shallow side will say wow she's HOT but then no further attachment will be felt. The deeper side will differentiate between that and feeling romantically attached to an actual partner. If you are in a relationship with him then the deeper feelings he has for you will over ride the shallow side. So basically what it all boils down to is that yes he will always look at other girls, but deep down he cares about you a lot more. hope this helps

    • But what if it was in reverse? If you had a girl who was checking out hot guys, would you be fine with that? Would you not at all be angry or upset or anything?

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  • Both... And we can't help it... It's natural because of our sperm.

    • If a girl dresses sexy it is hard for us not to look.. I'm sorry but it's in our body. You can be mad all you want but we're not going to change.. We may just wear sunglasses or whatever to hide our eyes.. Sometimes put our hand over one eye and stare out the other one (the one you can't see)

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  • He's a guy, he's going to look at other girls whether you like it or not. Some guys really can't help it. However, it doesn't mean he would rather be with them or anything. Obviously he's with you and it's not like he's going to leave you for some random girl that's he thinks is "hot". Because honestly that's probably all he's thinking when he sees her but he's with you not them. It may seem like he doesn't care but I'm sure he does. Some guys hide their emotions and feelings. Also think about it this way, don't you look when a hot guy walks past you? That doesn't mean you want to be with the hot guy because you have a boyfriend. Its the same way with him. Try not to worry about it so much, obviously he loves you and wants you or he wouldn't be with you. Hope I helped:)

  • Very good question! I have often wondered the same thing.