Why do men not understand?

I'll try to make this as short as I can. I've been dating my boyfriend for almost 2 years now. Ever since the first week of dating, his ex and her sister were always in the picture. She didn't speak to him until her sister told him he had a new girlfriend (she had a new boyfriend by this rate) and she kept hounding him until finally I told him to tell her off. Then I had to deal with their mutual friend who set them up years ago. Whenever we ran into her (a lot unfortunately) it would always be 'oh my god did you talk to name?" "oh my god, name this, name that" "you really need to call name" and she wouldn't drop it no matter how much I expressed that it bothered me. I denied her on Facebook and I got yelled at because "she's such a nice girl" months later, the ex and her boyfriend and my boyfriend and I ran into each other and she broke up with her boyfriend immediately and wouldn't stop hounding my boyfriend on Facebook and by phone. I knew it was going on, even though he denied it. Finally after a month he told me that she kept calling but he didn't answer and I don't know why he wouldn't just tell me if nothing had been going on? Anyway, I told him to tell her off and he refused. He said she'd give up on her own. why couldn't he just tell her off? she even called him 30x one night saying "it's an emergency" which I explained to him that when you're in an emergency, you don't call your ex-ex. you call family, friends, etc, then your most recent ex, not someone you haven't dated for 2 years. she would send her sister thereafter to concerts we'd be at and other places, so she could tell my boyfriend all about his ex. this finally died down luckily, however the friend from before picked up where she left off and got drunk one night and followed my boyfriend from bar to bar until he was alone (she just came out of a break up) and was all over him apparently. I found an aim conversation on accident when I was looking for something from my own logs where they were flirting and she kept telling him to leave me and he said no, but she wouldn't stop and eventually after constant sh*t from her, he began telling me he's "confused." so months later now, he still wants to hang out with his ex and her and his ex's sister and everything swearing that they're not trying to do anything even when his ex told me herself that she would get him back. he believes that when they babysit, the babies magically unlock their phones and accidentally call his number until it goes to voice mail. he believes everything they say. I don't care if he hangs out with girls. he does all the time. he goes to strip clubs, he goes on weekend trips with the boys, I don't care. it's just these three because they have done nothing but try to ruin this relationship since literally the first day it was public. can someone please tell me that I'm not crazy and if I should just hand him over and give up? sorry for the length. I'll really appreciate any answers.


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  • Have you heard of something called paragraphs?

    This situation is not entirely their fault, but also your boyfriends. He needs to shape up.


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  • Okay here how its gotta go. Those girl aren't gonna show your the respect you deserve not matter what. They know the only way that they are gonna be able to hurt you or bother you is by going through your boyfriend. Your boyfriend has to be the one to show you respect by telling them to stop talking to him and so forth. If your boyfriend really truly loves you; he will do everything in his power to show you that respect and to make you happy. It not gonna matter what you do or say to them cause it gotta come from him. If he's in love with you then he'll believe your word over any girls; especially someone who is trying to cause problems between you two. Good luck; and don't take any of that sh*t. You deserve someone who is gonna respect. There is no excuse of him to being telling them get in-between you two. Its called love and respect.