What is this ?

OK, basically it looks like a stretch mark, but they're pink and are on where my chest connects to my shoulder, around the pit area.

here's a pic, zoom out a bit if you can to see it better: link

anyone know what this is ? is it normal ? should I be concerned ?

Also, I don't feel sick, no fatigue, no sudden weight loss, nothing abnormal, %100 healthy as the doctor said.
if it is stretch marks, is that off putting ? unattractive ? :(


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  • They are def. stretch marks. They are permanent because they are like a break in one of the layers of the skin, but they will get lighter. My husband has them in the same spot from lifting weights when he was younger. Now they are not pink just looks more like scars.

    As far as them being off putting... If someone you are interested in can't see past the superficial, then I would say they are not worth your time and effort. Everyone has their own tastes, but I find stretch marks are excepted on guys than girls.


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  • they're fresh stretch marks, if you want them to go away to keep them from turning white and being permenant just rub them every so often and that should help.

    • Rubbing them will NOT help, don't rub them.

      they are piink and not white because they are fresh, there's creams you can use and also putting a hot tea bag on them.

    • Rubbing helps for me but that's cool too.

  • those are stretch marks.

    • U sure ? they sorta worried me haha

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    • You helped a bunch lol, I was scared for my life believe it or not, thought it was some sort of pulmonary disease xD

    • Lol welll don't worry, your fine! :)

  • yeah those definitely look like stretch marks

  • looks like stretch marks


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  • Those are stretch marks I got them in the same place plus my arms and legs. I got them back in my hardcore work out days, nothing to worry about. I can't imagine anyone ever having a problem with those, besides evrey time someone has made a comment about mine it has been along the lines of how big did my arms/chest used to be and my max etc. Which I like now because I have shrunk considerably since my spinal surgeries.

  • Stretch marks will act just like a scar does, which means it's not going away. This is not my opinion, but medical fact. Spend 10 minutes on legit medical sites researching it and you'll see. The good news is that getting stretch marks on the armpit area is very common for guys, and not necessarily caused by excessive fat. Athletes and weightlifters tend to get them a lot. In time, the color will fade, so you won't be able to see them as well. But they're not going away. All these girls with the remedies of creme and tea bags are mistaken, those will do absolutely nothing.

    • Well I have been working out, espicially around the deltoids and chest

    • ...and that is exactly why you got them, and mostly how many guys them in the armpit area.... dunt da da, mystery solved

    • Ooooo, and pick me as the best answer, I've never got that before.