How should I act with my girlfriend?

How should I act. she's a real cool girl. but has a lot of ego. she acts like she doesn't need me. which I agree because a lot of men hit on her. she's really beautiful, But I just wanna be happy with her. what can I do how should I act so she can be happy so it won't be boring and everything. I need help because our 2 years on and off is going to become the end anytime son? oh and how can I earn more respect with her!


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  • To earn respect you have to have respect. Respect for yourself. Being confident for who you are. Nobody is perfect I hope she is with you because you are a caring, loving, kind individual that is there for her when she needs someone to be in her corner but she should be all that for you as well. if you do, do do all for her, she will treat you like a doormat. Don't be an ass just don't be a doormat. Don't think you have to be a certain way to keep her cause deep down you know at any given moment she can leave your ass. If you believe that .. HUGE RED FLAG, you shouldn't be with her. If you can't honestly say "yeah she is beautiful, she knows it, HOWEVER, I am an awesome guy and she is lucky to have me cause I treat her right and she knows it" if that isn't the case, find a girl that appreciates you. NEVER change to be what you think the other person wants... you'll drive yourself crazy and I'll guarantee you will never live up to that illusion. Trust me. Be loved for you! THAT my friend is RESPECT


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  • you kind of said it your self, she has the pick of a lot of men, but she's with u. there's obviously a reason she chose to be with you, so just be yourself. that's the best thing you can do and have a little confidence in yourself.


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  • If she doesn't need you then what are you doing in the relationship. Find out if she still has feelings for you. You can try giving her some space but at this rate I doubt see would come running back to you. If things don't work out, let her go. It doesn't seen you have done anything wrong so it may be her fault.