Hey!!! this is a question for all the ladies!


i was just thinking how most of the time I get the "weird look" when I tell girls what genre of music is my fave ...

I like Hard Rock and Metal (thrash and the likes)...and most girls think I ONLY listen to that type o music...which I don't...

if you look at my iPod...i have everything from Frank Sinatra to Slipknot...so yeah..i listen to a wide variety of music...

so ladies...does a man's taste in music effect your interests in them? gimme some answers~! :D


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  • Well, I have this one guy friend who likes that kind d of music and that's all good but then he tries to jam it down your throat! It is cool for you to like your music as long as you and your girl can find someting that you both like and as long as you don't hate on any other music that she likes. That same friend of mine always hates on my music and then when I try to day anything about his he gets mad. haha just don't do that. :)

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  • i don't think taste in music should affect how a girl feels about you, and I don't know why it would. in fact, I usually like when guys are unique in what they like, it gives us something to talk about. that's just my personal opinion.

  • To me it doesn't matter, I mean if she's into you- she's INTO you. So it shouldn't bother her that you listen to that type of music. I mean unless you're like ranting about it all the time and she feels uncomfortable like, "What the heck is he even TALKING about!?", Sooo yeah.

  • personally no considering most guys I know don't even know the genre of music I like exists.lol

    it could have an impact, but not a big one.

  • From Frank Sinatra to Slipknot...and you like Hard Rock and Metal. Sounds like you stole my iPod.



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