Latin women - hairy arms?

This is for all those Latin gorgeous women in South Florida. I have not been able to understand when they are so well in style top to bottom, perfect shape, great legs - nice and smooth, so well manicured and pedicured feet, pretty hands, beautiful hair; then why do they not care to remove their hair from the arms? It is very disturbing. Not even that they have thin hair; they would have busy dark hair and they would show it. Why Why Why ? Its like you are just at the point of giving them a 10/10 and suddenly you discover a minus 3 item.


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  • maybe the latin guys in south florida don't have a problem with it. I hear a lot of caribbean men don't care about arm hair like white or american men do, so that's probably why the women don't shave their arms.


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  • Latin guys are usually pretty hairy themselves, so very few people care about the arms. Unless you look like a man.
    But do you know how bothersome is hair removal? Geez.

    • Its all a matter of preferences. To me, having dark / thick hair on arms puts women on the masculine category anyway.

  • I'm a hispanic female whose lived in south Florida and I've never seen this as a problem! Sometimes I shave my arms, sometimes I don't. It isn't really something I find common though so I don't think it's a social norm for women to shave their arms, well at least not in my culture.

  • hm well maybe its just all the girls that you see lol. cause I'm dominican ( born in new york though) and I barley have hair on my arms haha. maybe you think its all that kinda of women because you just assume that they have hairy arms, I don't know lol. but most dont.

    • I also never notticed that in NYC. Its when I moved here that I started seeing that. Only when you see them in abundance is when you are in a position to generalize.

  • Not "all" Latin women in south florida have hairy armpits, no generalizations please. Is not a big deal in our latin culture for women to have hairy arms and legs, is very normal.

    • Hey... Wait wait wait... Where did "armpits" come from? The question was about "arms".

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    • I'm not sure about legs. i have not see many women with hair on their legs. Hardly any. But arms... Holy cow !! Some look quite disgusting.

    • I guess they don't mind at all, so they do nothing about it. Am a latina to us is normal.

  • My Family are from spain and i born on Venezuela, the Latin girls have "hairy arms" because most are "Europeans descent"

    Bad English ; v ; sorry~

    • Problem is not with having hair. Problem is that they do not remove them.

    • Ummm removing it? Here we found it anti-natural or weird D:

    • So they rather walk around looking like baboons? :) I know what you mean. There are many cultural taboos that are hard to break. But let me tell you: a girl with thick or dark hair is a complete turn off and for people who do care for smoother arms, it gives the feeling of an unclean woman.

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  • I doubt this would be a big turn off to me...personally I havnt seen it that much and 3rd the other stuff about her would more than make up for it

  • I'll date a woman with a bit of body hair, it's not an issue to me. Hair is natural after all.

    • If it is fine with you, who an I to tell you what to like or dislike? :) I just expressed what I do not like and find gross.

    • Preferences are preferences but I don't expect my women to be totally hairless, nor would I want them to be. I am quite a hairy man and I take great pride in my hairy chest, so I have no qualms with body hair.

    • Fair enough. Then you should visit this area. You'll find plenty of them to choose from :)