Why are people so drawn to me lately?

I'm not trying to sound conceited at all here but,

At work people come by the counter I work behind and don't buy anything but just...chill out and make small talk or stop by a couple times and don't really say anything, or when they do buy something they tip really big.

The people I work with always like to hang out where I am also. girls are always giving me compliments and guys are always running to do stuff for me or give me things, usually without me asking. I don't really know why this happens since I'm not one of those attention hounds and I don't wear revealing clothes, why do you think this happens?


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  • New haircut? Something happen in your life that makes your outlook more positive? Whether it's conscious or subconscious, people vibe off the energy of others. If you've been particularly upbeat lately there's a good chance your positive feelings rubbed off on those around you.


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  • This is just a random guess: Could be one of the following: you are pretty, you are friendly, you do not complain all the time, you are open and talkative with a "warm" personality. People might see something in you that is more than the usual "plastic" worldly beauty.

    Why are you so concerned about this? It is not a bad thing, just be careful of dating some jerk.


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  • some one likes you I d think otherwise why are these men at your beck an call

  • Because your beautiful?