What are girls really looking for?

OK what are girls really looking for in a relationship. and does your guy have to have a nice body. or is personality more important.


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  • this will sound really weird but for me to want to even be with a guy he MUST have TWO eyebrows NOT one its just a plain turn off, for me personality is key! yes a super hot guy will catch my eye but 9 out of 10 times I wouldn't want to talk to him for me if I like his personality he suddenly becomes very hot to me but a cute face and not being obese is a bonus. But a lot of other girls my age are very shallow and would rather a rich hot guy that will buy them whatever they want :/ I think its wrong.

    lol I hope this helped


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  • TBH, it will depend on her age most likely. Females in your age bracket 17-20s, tend to focus on the guy's physical appearance, maybe the type of car he drives and his social clique. Whereas females in their late 20s to 30s have done more dating, grow tired of the games and immaturity bullsh*t and focus more on the guy's personality and how he treats her. Older girls tend to have more of a handle on the type of guy they are looking for and relationship.

  • Well. the thing is, personality is key.

    Although that may be so, if you don't have SOME sort of physical decency, a girl wouldn't go for you. Every girl perceives good-looking or good body differently. For me, I would probably go all goo goo ga ga over a guy who has the best body but it would probably be only for a short while. A guy who has a personality would definitely win me over because I know, he's a great guy and one that's worth being with.

    Like now, for example. He's not the most good-looking guy out there but I like him because he's sensitive, intuitive and caring. No-one thinks he is good looking but I think he is because it's just the way I perceive him to be.

    So, don't get upset if a girl won't like you because of your body or whatever. The right girl will like you for who you are.


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  • girls don't like boys they like cars and money...