Has any one ever heard of the Irish myth of the stone lady?

There is a myth that a lady waited for her lover by the edge of the ocean and she turned to stone there waiting for him. And to this day is still waiting for him there. Its for a book I'm working on and I can't find any leads on this particular myth but I have heard of it. Can any one help?


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  • I heard about this myth from before too but the one I heard had a ending and its kind of different. This one I don't know if that's true or just make up from the original though

    it was about a mom and her son. Her son went to fought a war, His mom watching day and night near the shore waiting for her son to return but unfortunately no luck (idk she turn to stone or not). She even blinded herself crying, fell two stone of return/stone of resurrection (I forgot the exact name sorry) from her eyes. Some sort of miracles happened her son appeared behind her andd they are back together.

    Good Luck on your project


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  • Heh, sounds like that one old Pokémon episode... 'The Ghost of Maiden's Peak', I think it was called.

    In any case, I'm Irish, myself, and have never heard of this myth as being of Irish origin. Google doesn't seem to agree, either.

  • I haven't heard that myth, but this is a true story I unfortunately ran into my mother in law (the outlaws) & when I saw her MY FACE turned to stone.


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