Blonde or black hair?

i have blonde hair right now but I'm seeing a lot of girls dying their hair really dark or all black and it looks pretty good. but I'm not sure if I would look good with black hair.

what do guys think?

blonde or black.


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  • I always think natural is best.

    However, I've known some people that have dyed their hair and it's looked great.

    The problem with black is that it's black - the darkest of the dark, and can stain, and be hell to get out - and when it grows out it can look awful.

    And black is becoming somewhat of a trend anyway - everyone's getting it done.

    Maybe instead of going straight in at the deep end you could have your hair darkened a little - have the colour richened, but stick to caramel blond/light brown tones to see if you like it, and gradually get darker if you take a liking to it.

    And be careful with dye and the upkeep of your hair. It can easily go dry and your roots will show.

    And I'd also suggest if you do get it done - to have it done professionally. Home dye comes out flat and looks unnatural. If you have a hairdresser or stylist do it they can add tones and shades to make it look more natural.

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  • I too have been seeing a lot of girls changing their hair to black. I think it works for some girls, but it is becoming a trend. A few years back, every girl was dying their hair to blonde. Now it's black. From your picture, I am sure you would look gorgeous with either color. I would say, don't go with that new trend, and keep your hair blonde!

  • My preference is for natural color hair, as in, undyed. My reasoning is this: If a woman is content with the way God made her, she will be more content to be a blessing, rather than falsifying her appearance, which tells me she is willing to deceive others to feel better about herself. Deceit doesn't end with appearance, and I never assume it is either isolated to appearance, or separate from appearance. I just like to start with honesty, and gorw into a relationship, or friendship, from there.

  • when it comes to hair I think girls should always stick with their natural color, its what looks best in my opinion

    • Not always, my friend had blond hair once and died it dark red, I think she looks better in that color.

  • I like the girls with black hair, but theirs always a 10% chance I'll go for the blond. If you like your blond hair don't change it. there's are tons of guys that love blond.

  • use a wig and then u'd know it

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  • I think you should only dye it if you really really want to, if you don't like your natural color or something and you think it would look better dark. I think you'd look great either way lol, but what's important is what you want.

    And in my opinion, don't go totally black, I think black looks kinda fake :/

    But you probably can't go wrong with a really dark brown :]

  • I think you'd look great with black hair. And it's not permanent or anything, so go for it.

  • You would look really bad with black hair! Trust me! You're really tanned, and with a lot of tan PLUS black (or dark hair of any color) would look simply, how do I put would look well, just very bad! Tan and black hair DO NOT GO TOGETHER, EVER! Unless your natural hair is black and you are naturally darker in skin tone.

    Natural is the best color for anyone! (Except hot Finnish guys who have very pale skin and blond hair, but they dye it black. That's just HOT!) black, black black, black No.1 ! =)

  • I personally think you look good with blonde hair and so you should stick with it. I am a brunette and dying my hair blonde would be a disaster for me, so for the sake of your own good, stay with blonde. You look really good with it.

  • I used to have blone hair and I dyed it dark. I wouldn't go back I've had it dark for almost 5 years now. However. do what you think will look good on you. Go to a nice salon and ask a colorist their advice.

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