Guys let's lay it out - girls with makeup and other things question?

i would of put this in style category but most guys don't look there, so I put it in sexuality.

OK some guys like the makeup on girls and some guys hate it, now with 90% of females wear makeup and its impossible to convince them that they are naturally pretty.

now here's what I want to know, as this is the case what don't you mind a girl wearing when it comes to makeup,

with me as long as it looks as natural as possible I don't mind like foundation, a little bit of blusher (and I mean a little) because its not too much, its looks natural.

what I don't like is anything really noticeable like lipstick, eye shadow, fake tan, eyeliner, mascara, that is just a big turn off for me, also other accessories such as earrings, nail varnish, nail paint whatever it is, fake nails, piercings, its just weird.

anyway that's me what about you, I do like how girls style their hair in some ways, straight, curly, I don't like it up though but I don't mind.

lets hears yours

i think only noticeable makeup is required when your onstage looking like an animal or avatar


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  • makeup has become a form of art lately, the makeup industry has boomed in the past few years, I know this because I worked in macys at a makeup counter not too long ago...and you're right 9/10 women wear makeup. Some overdo it and it does look gross I agree completely, whereas others wear it subtly or moderately and it looks absolutely beautiful. Makeup has always been around since ancient times like ancient egypt and india, and the truth is it always will be around. It runs the fashion industry and has become a feminine way of sexual dimorphism. Even gay men turn to nail polish and eyeshadow to bring out some feminine in them. From Marilyn Monroe, our moms, sisters, to today's Kim kardashian, makeup is a symbol of feminine beauty. Some women need some light makeup to cover up imperfections like acne or dark under eye circles, and others just need some color on there face to prevent themselves from looking dull/boring and bland, so they go for a nice natural color of eyeshadow on the lids, some eyeliner to brighten up the eyes, and some light pink blush to give the cheeks some feminine warmth. Its all harmless and there's no reason why men should hate that, makeup just enhances natural beauty and brings out your strong features. It, however should be worn in moderation and most women do follow that.


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  • I have never heard of a straight guy complaining of his girlfriend or girls wearing make-up.Trust,I know plenty of cake faces,girls who wear a pound of foundation that doesn't even match their skin color,lip stick,mascara,heavy eyeliner,heavy blush and they have guys chasing them left and right:)))Or they have steady boyfriends.

    I wear a little make up now.Liquid foundation for concealer,I am brown,but I still get redness(and I'm on Accutane so I have this "flushed look all the time),I wear a little mascara and light eyeliner,and will barely get noticed,but I can tell you a chick with a cake face will get noticed much quicker than I:)))

    The only guys I've heard complain about make-up,are on here,and half of the crap people say on here is so cliche and pc,people on here say so much,and it's like they say it because they feel it's what they should say,not how they truly feel nor how the majority of the population feels.

    • Ofcourse bfs arnt saying anything to their gfs about their makeup, they don't want to hurt their feelings, you will find the guys who case after the girls who wear the cake on makeup because they think the girls try to hard and might be an easy target.

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    • What I say on here is what I believe is right in the situation given, not what I think is going to make that person like me or is "the right thing to say" based on other peoples opinions. I've had many many people disagree with me but that doesn't matter. It's my opinion. I won't argue semantics with you though because that's obviously a waste of my energy.

    • Yes it is actually:D

  • i feel like I have to wear makeup. people tell me I'm pretty&dont need it but I feel like an idiot if I'm not wearing any

  • i know that this is a question that is directed to guys but I'm just gonna put my input out there. I agree, sometimes...ok often times, girls will go overboard with accessories and makeup. Many do it because it makes them feel more secure about themselves. Others though, see makeup as another form of art. its a way to show your creativity. I personally wear as little makeup as possible because I have zero creativity. I can admit that. and many girls that don't wear make up just don't like it. very few girls wear make up to impress guys. they just like the way it looks. its all in personal preference.

  • i wear makeup because I enjoy it and I think its fun. I had several boyfriends tell me I looked better w/o makeup but if I like to wear it then I'm gonna wear it. I also think I'm pretty w/o makeup and I'm not one of those girls who's scared to leave the house w/o makeup


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  • My girlfriend is one of those lucky women who doesn't need make up - she is naturally stunning - but does sometimes wear it if we're going somewhere special. In her case I think she wears it because it makes her feel good - like wearing an elegant dress (or sexy underwear - although that's for my benefit too! LOL). After 2 years she's finally beginning to realise that I'm telling her the truth when I say she looks great without make-up - fortunately it hasn't turned her head though ; )

    I think that it's a difficult question to answer with regards to preferring with or without make-up, as obviously it depends upon the natural aesthetic gifts that Nature has bestowed upon each individual. I have a friend who - as we say in England - scrubs up quite well, but looks very plain without make-up. In fact, many models aren't that good-looking without artificial help from the make-up case. Whereas it's a real pleasure to wake up in the morning, look to the other side of the bed and see the same naturally beautiful face that you went out with the night before. The face hasn't been left on cleansing pads scattered about the bathroom.

    I also think there's a difference between "pretty" and "attractive". To me, "pretty" can be painted on... whereas "attractive" is something that (if you're lucky) you're born with, i.e. natural beauty. And it last a lot longer too.

  • I like a very, very modest amount of makeup. What looks ridiculous to me is tons of eye makeup. The girl always ends up looking like a raccoon. The next time you see a girl with all kinds of dark eye makeup, think of a raccoon. You will see the resemblance.

  • i like a very little bit I proffer non but a little if it helps the self esteem but seriously its not Halloween